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User Info: Malak995

6 years ago#1
I don't want to fight the legion right now because I still need to do some quest for them and I really want a machete gladius, but every time I try to pickpocket a legion member they somehow catch me. I use a stealth boy, wait until night when they are sleeping, and I have a sneak of 70, but they still catch me somehow. I tried sneaking killing one in a room where he was by himself, but when I left the room the other legion members somehow knew I killed him and attacked me. Is there any legion member that I can pickpocket that has a machete gladius without being caught because the ones I am pickpocketing are advanced legion members, but I can't find anyone else who has it.

User Info: Iano11

6 years ago#2
Go to cottonwood cove, Im pretty sure they have some in footlockers there
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User Info: RMcD94

6 years ago#3
It's not very good if I'm honest with you.

I picked it up when I was destroyed the Legion after they told me to remove my weapons (same reason I destroyed the Tops, boy I love very easy!), but if you want it without fighting them, afraid I can't help. The ballistic fists are a lot better in any case.

I assume you tried the Wiki page.

User Info: lord_abortion

6 years ago#4
Just make a save right in front of a sleeping legionaire. Keep reloading until you successfully get the item.
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User Info: Malak995

6 years ago#5
Yeah on wiki it just said that machete gladius is obtained on legion soldiers. I have tried multiple times reloding and pickpocketing I can't get it to work. I haven't looked in all the footlockers, but I guess I will go look.

User Info: lord_abortion

6 years ago#6
Sometimes it takes awhile. I remember in FO3 reloading a save for about an hour trying to pickpocket a minigun from a BoS paladin in the Anchorage sim just to get ammo.
GT: Wise Birthgiver

User Info: D0ub13_5c0r3

6 years ago#7
OR, you can get a OHK silenced weapons and then use a stealth boy. Use V.A.T.S. on whoever has the weapon and make sure they die in V.A.T.S., if they don't then any other Legion will go hostile.

User Info: Obnoxious_Frog

6 years ago#8
The easiest method I've discovered is in Cottonwood Cove. Right next to the HQ building is a square tent completely enclosed except for the entrance. During the day, a Decanus stands right outside the flap. If you hide and duck back a little into the tent, you can kill him with a single shot with spiked knuckles with very little in unarmed. If you can't, try a bit of psycho and buffout. I've been caught at it when using VATS, so I'd advise just taking a swipe at him. No rep loss or hostility if you kill him in one shot.

User Info: tomma101

6 years ago#9
You could try the perk that allows you to kill people while they sleep, c4 some legion while hidden or the popular silenced sniper from afar
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User Info: The_High

6 years ago#10
You honestly don't even need to sneak as long as you can kill that Centurion at Cottonwood Cove with one hit. As soon as you hit him with whatever immediately loot what you want and fast travel. If you do it fast enough you can get out of there before the Legion goes aggro on you and the next time you come back all is forgiven.
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