Luck and Slot Machines

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User Info: Hibashira

6 years ago#1
I was bored and made a new character, got him to the Strip at level 1 and want to break a couple of casinos to get implants. Long story short, ended up testing the effect of Luck on the slot machines.

The reason for slot machine is simple: there is no skill or decisions involved.

Platform = X360
Game = fully patched + Dead Money
4 characters: Luck = 1, 5, 9, 10
Bet = Max (200), always (varying bets will add too many variables)
Starting chips = 3000 (sold the armors and gears from the Van Gaff mercs dead bodies)
Casinos = Gomorrah and Tops

Luck = 1, testing 10 times, all lost everything
Luck = 5, testing 10 times, all lost everything
Luck = 9, testing 10 times, all broke the bank
Luck = 10, testing 10 times, all broke the bank

I know it doesn't sound scientifically impressive but the basics is that:
- Luck 1 will lose everything, fast
- Luck 5 will lose everything, eventually
- Luck 9, 10 will always break the bank

The key seems to be the single and double cherries. The Luck 9, 10 characters will creep up in winnings via the cherries and gain significant ground via occasionally bigger wins. In fact, I cannot get the Luck 9/10 characters to dip below -1000 in winning at the beginning. The Luck 5 character will occasionally get cherries but never see the 3 of a kind rolls. The Luck 1 character sees single cherry rarely, nothing higher.

Take that for what it's worth.

User Info: mustachedmystic

6 years ago#2
Interesting. But you need to test luck = 7
Loving life interested me so, that I dared to knock at the door of the cosmos!

User Info: Lostlegacy

6 years ago#3
Good job man. Thanks for the info.
GT: LostLegacy91

User Info: Mvsevm_of_Skin

6 years ago#4

Good job. I'd like to see how Luck 6 would work, since it's just barely on the positive side of the scale.

I'd also like to know how this affects Black Jack. My current character has a low Luck, so I figured he'd be far better at Black Jack, since there is "some" sense of skill involved. Of course, at 17, dealer gets 18. At 18, dealer gets 19. At 19, dealer gets 20. At 20, dealer gets BJ. At BJ, dealer pushes. And let's not talk about my 12 vs. the dealers show of "13." I stay, he hits, boom, BJ. I lose. Lame!

User Info: Mattheau

6 years ago#5
As far as I can tell, Luck lets you get the occasional "critical" hit from the dealer that causes them to lose. Even at low luck, you should win most of the time. I had no trouble breaking the banks at 5-6 Luck through it. The dealer loses if he busts or has 16+, but less than you currently do. You also get a bonus for black jack that the dealer does not. Never double down and always hit if you have less than 16, you should win far more than you lose.

User Info: anonsoul

6 years ago#6

I'm not sure about this, I think luck has a pretty big impact on Black Jack as well. So much so that I even adjusted basic strategy for my high luck character. ie, vs. a dealer 10, i hit until 18 (not 17). I will double and or split more often, against dealer 7 or 8s. I havent tried splitting 10s(though i suspect that may not be implemented correctly anyway). basically, i don't believe they are playing with a real "shuffled" deck. And it would not surprise me that the dealer down card, is not determined until it is turned over.Also, i don't think we know if "the deck" shuffles every hand, nullifying any counting strategy and leaving us with only a "fresh deck" basic strategy. Fortunately the casino rules look pretty liberal (double after split is allowed), surrender, etc. So perhaps a basic strategy with luck 5 could win with skill, over the long haul.

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