What do you collect and/or hoard?

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User Info: mr_slappy

6 years ago#11
One of each weapon, plus unique and modded weapons in my footlocker.
Unique and decent armor/clothing in my cabinet.
Alcohol, Nuka Cola, Sunset Sarsaparilla & Purified Water in my fridge.
Doctors bags, weapon repair kits, stealth boys and some parts/ingredients in my safe.
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User Info: jakeis1337

6 years ago#12
Everything. Within the Lucky 38...
I have nearly 80 cartons of cigarets, neatly stacked between the couch and open safe against the wall/corner. One guest bed is covered in teddy bears, the other in pre-war money.
A bathtub full of critter eggs (deathclaw, ant, lakelurk, mantis, so on so forth). The majority of the bathroom is littered with trophies from animal kills (DC hands, poison glands, mantis arms, tanned hides) and the shelf is lined with centaur blood, embalming fluid and other smaller prizes. The far bathtub is literally overflowing with various alcohols.
My pool table is completely obscured by pool balls (all the pockets with 8-balls in them).
In the dining room, I have converted the dining table into a display table, where I have one of every gun (the unique version where applicable) in perfect condition laid upon the table, organized by weapon type and grip type (energy pistols separate from energy rifles separate from energy heavy weapons).
In my bedroom, the shelves behind my desk have unique/rare trinkets, such as deathclaw omelets, nuka victory, mini nukes, skill books I don't need... you get the idea. On my bedstand is the Rangefinder and next to my pillow is a combat knife. In the corner behind the potted tree I'm hoarding pre-war books.
I'm also hoarding cameras and dino-toys, but I haven't figured out where to put them.
... I hope i'm not the only one who's put literally hours of his life into decorating his house on various playthroughs.

User Info: CasualMikey

6 years ago#13
After reading all of this, I began to wonder: Why?

Why are you hoarding tons of crap and putting them on display? I'm not saying you shouldn't, all that sounded pretty funny actually, but I never did any of that. I just carried the things I needed to survive and beat the game (and maybe a little extra I found no use for), such as a couple of different guns and a melee weapon, food and water, armor and a hat or a helmet, every kind of drugs, skill magazines, bobby pins, and ammunition. But nothing else.

User Info: J1mi

6 years ago#14
I stole all nearly 400 dino toys from novac, but haven't thought of a decent usage yet.
Alcohol in a bath tub, that's a nice idea :P
Akimbo G18s are fast, sloppy and they use up their payload quickly, sounds about right >__>
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User Info: fdffire

6 years ago#15
I collect everything. Mostly for decorating purposes, others for possible usage in the future. Only things I sell are guns/armor if I have a few of em already. On my main I probably have enough fod to feed everyonei n the mojave for months, enough chems to O.D. all the fiends, enough guns and ammo to arm a small army, and enough junk to make Wolfgang splooge.
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User Info: Tdawg906

6 years ago#16

Where do you get a lot of stealth boys? I try to hoard them, but i use them to steal stuff constantly.

User Info: Personman_inc

6 years ago#17
I collect mostly weapons and ammo for said weapons. I display the firearms on the conference table in the Tops Presidential suite, all lined up and categorized by ammo type and action between the three category of weapons. The little shelves on the side are perfect for the occasional melee weapon and ammo.

Otherwise I put any mats for crafting weapon repair kits in the toolbox in the kitchen and any nuka cola and Sunset sarsaparilla in the second fridge.

I also like to pick up a couple knick knacks and put them on display where ever. Like I've got a couple dino toys sitting on shelves and a garden gnome or two. Any other unique sort of armor or weapon I'll put somewhere so I can see somewhere. I typically only use the containers for stuff I don't care to see but still use at some point.

Yeah... one of my favorite things to do in this game is decorate my hide out. I must have spent about 50 percent of my time in 3 packing and squaring away my house in Megaton.
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User Info: s_dubs

6 years ago#18
Novac room: Unique and modded weapons in the safe, appearal in the wardrobe, alcohol and special varietys of nuka (Victory, Quantum) in the fridge.
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User Info: Ranko Saotome

Ranko Saotome
6 years ago#19
i collect things for the main purpose of turning them into decorations.. so, only nice things. cigarettes, ashtrays, the mutilated remains of my enemies, etc. all go in the trash. I prefer the various clipboards, toys (especially chessboards and nuka-cola trucks) and pre-war books.. Energy weapons make me go squee
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User Info: jakeis1337

6 years ago#20
Collecting/displaying crap serves 3 purposes.
1) Status symbol. Yes it's only for yourself, but the less you need to sell/use and the more neat/valuable stuff you have is a testament to your Hobo survival Skillz.
2) Fallout is full of glowing/high tech/neat crap and keepsakes. Your suite is full of plates and cups. Spice it up a bit. It's satisfying to sleep on a heaping pile of pre-war money and to own more cigarets than you and all of your companions could smoke in 4 lifetimes. Maybe start a giant pile of dino toys, save, and blow it up.
3) Gives items value beyond the caps. If you're loaded, are you going to stop for a golden gecko hide? Probably not, but you would if you were trying to make a wall-to-wall geckohide carpet. Omg I think that's my next project.
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