Best Character Build? Help!!!

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User Info: Boonald10

6 years ago#1
I've read around on some different forums about how to build the best character and I've seen some pretty badass builds. I know there are people on here that are experts at this game and I could really use the help to build the best all-rounded character as I'm going to be starting over from scratch.

Here is how I built my character, but I'm sure it can be so much better with the help of you guys!

My starting SPECIAL was:
Strength 5
Perception 7
Endurance 8
Charisma 1
Intelligence 9
Agility 5
Luck 5

These were the perks I chose:
Lvl. 2. Intense Training (Endurance)
Lvl. 4. Educated
Lvl. 6. Comprehension
Lvl. 8. Intense Training (Perception)
Lvl. 10. Intense Training (Perception)
Lvl. 12. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 14. Intense Training (Strength)
Lvl. 16. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 18. Intense Training (Strength)
Lvl. 20. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 22. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 24. Intense Training (Strength)
Lvl. 26. Bloody Mess
Lvl. 28. finess
Lvl. 30. ads 20% expl damage
Lvl. 32. splash damage
Lvl. 34. tag

I got all the skill books and started using them after I got the educated perk. I also bought all the implants one by one after getting enough caps to pay for them without cheating in the game, as I know there were ways to get unlimited caps.

By level 35 my SPECIAL was:
Strength 9
Perception 10
Endurance 10
Charisma 2
Intelligence 10
Agility 10
Luck 6

My skills were:
Barter 75
Energy Weapons 100
Explosives 100
Guns 100
Lock picking 100
Medicine 100
Melee Weapons 100
Repair 100
Science 100
Sneak 100
Speech 100
Survival 41
Unarmed 59

I also have enough skill books and a suit that will put my characters Barter to 100 whenever I want.

This is the best I could come up with on how to build the absolute best Fallout New Vegas Character, but there has to be such a better way.

Please, experts, help me!!!

User Info: Otacon305

6 years ago#2
With all the perks wasted on Intense Training, this character sucks. Using the mantis foreleg xp glitch and exploiting Dead Money for AGL points and Skill Books makes for a much better character.
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User Info: CoryLunchbox

6 years ago#3
Some perks are way better than the 1 extra special point you're taking. Hand Loader is a great example, it can increase your damage with guns anywhere from 10-50% after making the special ammo types. Jury Rigging makes life pretty easy, not a must but I've never done a playthrough without it.

Finesse gives you an extra 5% to crit, Light Touch gives you +5% crit and 25% less enemy crit when wearing light armors, Better Criticals gives +50% crit damage.

If you like Melee weapons or VATS there are some great perks as well. Slayer, Stonewall, Superslam, Purifier, Piercing Strike and Ninja. Math Wrath, Action Boy/Girl, Nerves of Steel, Grim Reapers sprint.

If you use shotguns then Shotgun Surgeon and "And Stay Back" are great, other guns benefit from the professional or cowboy.

Laser Commander and Vigiland Recycler are good for energy weapons as is meltdown if you're looking for some fun explosions.

Heavyweight and Strongback are great if you like Big Guns. Pack Rat helps with weight limits as well.

Chemist is a cool perk as well and with the daytripper (from using chems) you can get long lasting effects from drugs, especially good for turbo.

I'm so used to doing double perk builds I'm spoiled now, I never use Intense Training because there are so many other good perks for when I want to switch up my gear.

User Info: Sol-Phoenix

6 years ago#4
Strength - 8
Perception - 4 (+1/Imp) = 5
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 4 (+1/Imp) = 5
Intelligence - 9 (+1/Imp) = 10
Agility - 3 (+1/SF) (+1/Imp) = 5
Luck - 7

Imp - +4DT
Traits - Small Frame, Built to Destroy.

Needed Perks: Weapon Handling, Jury Rigging, Adamentium Skeleton, Finesse, Strong back, Scrounger, Toughness(2), Educated.

Was probably my most balanced build (without exploiting glitches) for Hardcore, and was the most fun to play.
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User Info: Boonald10

6 years ago#5
Come on guys! I was under the impression that there were more people on here that knew what they were talking about and willing to help out?

As far as I've been able to tell, having a higher SPECIAL basically incorporates a lot of the perks. For example, there is no noticeable difference in having the fast reloading perk and having your agility topped out at 10. In fact, by having agility to 10 you reload just as fast, but are better with other weapons, more vats, etc. Because SPECIAL affects so many attributes, it seems to me to be wiser to add as much to SPECIAL as possible, rather than just taking a perk that affects only one attribute. I've also noticed that having a high luck is good, but not as worthwhile as the other SPECIAL's, unless you're wanting to gamble. By having my SPECIAL up in my other areas, basically every shot I take with any weapon is a critical hit. With having a higher SPECIAL, I seem to be faster, stronger, better with ANY weapons, and much much tougher to kill. However, there has to be some people on here that know of a better way.

Help me out! Or even better....prove me wrong.

User Info: CoryLunchbox

6 years ago#6
If you don't want to listen to people why didn't you just say "tell me how awesome my build is".

I think it's a complete waste to spend that many perks on SPECIAL stats. I only agree with IT early on when the choice of perks is slim, however Light Touch from Dead Money makes a great first perk.

Once you get a build up and rolling it's easy to simply use chems max your SPECIAL if you plan it out correctly, especially with the addition of the Sierra Madre Vending machine.

Warning I like to use the exploits built into the game. I used goodsprings glitch for double perks and Agility Glitch to get 9 free SPECIAL points.

S: 5 + 1 + 2(Buffout) + 2(Sierra Madre Martini) + 2(Alcohol for the -2 if I'm using Rad Child)
P: 5 + 1 + 1(Boone's Beret) + 2(Mentats) + 2(Party Time Mentats)
E: 9 + 1 + 4(SMM for the -3 of Rad Child)
C: 2 + 1 + 5(PTM) + 2 (Alcohol)
I: 10
A: 1 + 9(Agility Glitch)
L: 8 + 1 + 1 (Lucky shades)

Highly Recommend taking Chemist and Old World Gourmet of you plan a build like this to double the duration of the items you're using.

I don't really care about having Charisma maxed unless I need the skill points, and I tend to have Ed-E as a companion so I'll say the same for Perception. All these drugs are incredibly easy to make in large quantities from the vending machine or require small scavenging of very common items.

You should also create targets for your skill points so that you make use of every skill book and all skill points gained from the chems you plan on using. You can get over 1200 skill points this way which means you can get 100 in 8 skills and 80 out of the other 5 so that they can reach 100 with a mag.

I have the maximum possible skills points, the maximum possible hp, the maximum crit chance and a wide selections of great perks.

User Info: IrvingWallace

6 years ago#7
I don't usually like to comment on builds, but that is terrible. That many IT's is a waste. There are many other perks that are more beneficial to a character, and making the game a lot more fun. That looks like a very boring build.
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User Info: Steelicks

6 years ago#8
Boonald10 posted...
Lvl. 8. Intense Training (Perception)
Lvl. 10. Intense Training (Perception)
Lvl. 12. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 14. Intense Training (Strength)
Lvl. 16. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 18. Intense Training (Strength)
Lvl. 20. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 22. Intense Training (Agility)
Lvl. 24. Intense Training (Strength)

i lol'd
your signature isnt funny
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User Info: Ruppe21

6 years ago#10
An intense training character is boring as hell,yes you have 10 perception and what not but miss out on alot of fun game mechanics.
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