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User Info: XC3SSIV3

6 years ago#21
No, you cannot be banned from Xbox live for using this. This tool is Strictly for Xbox360 game saves.
If you are not sure how to use this tool here is quick walkthrough.

What you need: USB thumb drive : to transfer the save between your pc & Xbox360.

Xtaf Xplorer: to extract/inject your save file from usb to the desktop

Concept 0.3: for rehashing and resigning the save file after
you edit. Rehashing and resigning is use to
rewrite the checksum so you file doesn't seem
tampered with. (Modio works well too).

1. Go to you xbox and copy the save file you want to mod to the USB drive, Insert the USB drive into the PC
and open Xtaf Xplorer.

2.Locate your save file and extract it to you desktop or a specified file of your choice. Make a back up copy as well....just in case something goes wrong. It will be a .FXS file .

3. Open The save In FalloutNV AIO v2.O, it may take a minute or 2 to read your save(depending on the size of the file). If Everything went accordingly your editor should read all "0's" except the height\Size which is always "1". Edit to you preference and save.

4. Now open Concept 0.3 or Modio, Open your save and rehash and resign( wait for it to fully finish).
Close the app.

5: You have to put your save file back on the usb now. Delete your old save using Xtaf Xplorer and Drag your
save file where you just deleted your unmodded one from. Give it a minute or 2 to write it to your usb.

6. Go back to your xbox 360 reload your save and have fun!

I've beat the game every way possible and I made this tool to extend the life of the game, Bethesda is taking
too f'n long to release the DLC for New Vegas. You must be very weak if you think fallout new vegas is
Challenging or hard, I didn't make this tool to cheat the game , I made it to enhance the game and player options. On top of all that it's fun to mod!!

I need a favor from someone who has Fallout New Vegas for the PC, I need a save file that has the
super jump enabled to 999,999. I'm having a bit of trouble finding the offset for it on the Xbox 360.
Please leave me a message on this thread if so....

User Info: ShadowKevin

6 years ago#22
Forget it. I've worked too hard on some games to have all of those hours pissed away because I wanted to have some more fun on NV. Not worth the risk.

User Info: brokenfingers

6 years ago#23
Really, you people are going to be that weak and use a save editor?

ITP: Everybody who uses a save editor is on their first char. Also cheating in a single player game is serious business.

User Info: brokenfingers

6 years ago#24
Forget it. I've worked too hard on some games to have all of those hours pissed away because I wanted to have some more fun on NV. Not worth the risk.

Also, how the hell do you think they're going to find out you modded your save file? How would they? Or why would they even want to for a game with no online component?


6 years ago#25
I loved the old editor but that dude never updates it anymore so thx for this

User Info: ShadowKevin

6 years ago#26
There IS a clause in the TOU that says you aren't allowed to modify content such as this. I know, it's not exactly easy for them to be able to tell if I'm using this kind of thing, but I've seen 5 year old accounts get banned just because they made their avatars skin color blue. Not worth it, mang.

User Info: HatchetHound

6 years ago#27
Then all you have to do is not modify anything obvious like avatars or gamer pics. Keep it to single player game saves, and don't go around advertising that you're doing it.

PC users can modify their **** all they like. You aren't harming anything if you do it.
I'm in a man's apartment and I'm addicted to spray paint.
That is ALL you need to KNOW!

User Info: brokenfingers

6 years ago#28
Changing your avatar's skin color is just stupid... I mean, it shows on Live, and likely somebody complained. Also, that's modding something in the system itself. They have no reason to even look into whether your character on a single player game has stats he shouldn't be able to attain. I mean, it's your choice if you don't want to do it, but I really can't see them popping you over it.

User Info: rolln22s

6 years ago#29
With a save editor, can you use console commands like adding in Enclave Shocktrooper Armor?
Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake. ~ Napolean Bonaparte

User Info: PepsiWithCoke

6 years ago#30
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