What makes a good house in zion?

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  3. What makes a good house in zion?

User Info: questionman50

6 years ago#1


User Info: Dalethion

6 years ago#2
For anyone posting here, please also post if they have:

- Workbench
- Reloading Bench
- Campfire
- Bed
- Containers(#)

User Info: zipitin

6 years ago#3
Angel cave has all of those things.
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User Info: grand_bro

6 years ago#4
fallen rock cave, it's located along the river that leads to the dead horse village. there are no enemies, but you have to clear out a bunch of traps (not too difficult)

it has a workbench, reloading bench, campfire, lots of containers, and lots of loot including one of the survivalist stashes. im pretty sure there's a bed, but im extremely tired and my short term memory is failing me
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  3. What makes a good house in zion?

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