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User Info: mtradr43

6 years ago#1
Just wondering overtones opinion on this. With the added 10 levels to the cap, is it even worth going above 4 intelligence anymore? I haven't played for a while and was just curious. I don care about barter or survival or medicine that much, among a few others so assuming the cap keeps going up I'd imagine the extra points saved for other special stats are better. Considering all the relevant skills would be mostly at max by the level cap. Or am I not thinking clearly?

User Info: langrish

6 years ago#2
I think you might be on to something.... I'm pretty sure you won't make it to 100 in all the skills but you'd definatly make it to 100 in all the skill YOU NEED.

All the perks that require greater than 4 intel are not going to be missed (does ANYONE take Computer Wiz?!)

User Info: DoctorScraps

6 years ago#3
Ugh. It's official. By the time Lonesome Road comes, all the people looking to gimp their characters in the name of challenge will either take the level 30 cap trait from OWB, or lobotomizing them with low INT.
I use sarcasm a lot. If you are offended, feel free to flame me and I'll just pretend to listen.

User Info: mmasich

6 years ago#4
At level 50, you could have everything maxed out (with education, comprehension, and found all skill books including 8 from HH) with an INT of 7 or 8. At 10 INT, you would have about 57-75 skill points left over at the end. Something to consider when all DLC is out. Only reason to set it higher is if you don't have the DLCs or don't want to have to find every skill book. Some are glitched, like in DM, and you have to screw around with explosives trying to blast it out from under the bed...

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