Safe storage in Old World Blues?

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User Info: Casyle

6 years ago#1
Does anyone know of any safe places to store my goodies in Old World Blues? I noticed that there's an empty safe and some empty footlockers in one room, but I'm hoping to find out if they're safe before I risk putting anything in 'em.

I'd appreciate any info on safe storage!
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User Info: deathguise125

6 years ago#2
i need to know this too i am currently on 274/280
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User Info: Rampagingwalrus

6 years ago#3
99.999...% of all containers are "safe" even owned ones that are flagged red. And that is in all areas of the game. And all DLCs.

Also, The Sink is a new home base for the player. So any and all containers within are, of course, safe.
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User Info: Casyle

6 years ago#4
Ok, cool, thanks for the info! :)
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User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#5
Yeah, I specifically remember reading on the wiki that someone tested all the containers in the sink, and all his stuff was still there 8 days later
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User Info: robitussin217

6 years ago#6

Gosh, could you imagine them designing the all-around, most appealing, coolest housing in the entirety of the game and end up screwing you over with unsafe storage...?

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  3. Safe storage in Old World Blues?

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