Fallout 4 Trailer

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User Info: NightsShadow89

6 years ago#1
Old I guess, but I didn't see this posted elsewhere.

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User Info: pkmnpkmn

6 years ago#2
fake, and old
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User Info: ChillBro24

6 years ago#3
Fake. Why would they use fallout new vegas music? And all they showed was signs, no actual wasteland

User Info: MC2011

6 years ago#4
1) Random person uploaded it.

2) If you bring your attention to your right you will see the suggestion list showing a variety of Fallout 4 trailers, all fake of course.

3) Bethesda hasn't even announced Fallout 4 yet.

4) The release date. That should of been obvious. It takes them roughly 4 years to make a game, and they're still finishing up Skyrim.
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