Best. Writing. Ever.

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User Info: Big926

5 years ago#1
"I tell you what, it wasnít a thrill to slowly walk this trail the first time, and itís not a thrill to walk back. And at this stage the limited selection on the New Vegas radio is beginning to grate. I swear to baby Jesus, if I ever find ĎJohnny Guitarí Iím going to !#$%%@^ kill the sonofa$*&#@."
I am the stupidest smart guy you will ever meet, or maybe I am the smartest dumb guy you will ever meet.

User Info: MoxRavager

5 years ago#2
His blog is pure gold.
[In topic about l4d sequel names] "Left 4 Dead: Virus (see, cuz virus starts with V, and V is spanish for 5)" ~Severspine
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  3. Best. Writing. Ever.

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