So I beat Lonesome road but I made a save right at ulysses WHAT TO DO

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  3. So I beat Lonesome road but I made a save right at ulysses WHAT TO DO

User Info: Macdaddyruss1

6 years ago#1
1.Im confused whats the best choice if I want the best gear and items for beating this DLC?

2.what should I choose to blow up"? NCR or Legion or both?

3.Also how can I actually stop the bomb from going off?

4. How does setting the bombs off affect the mojave?
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User Info: grand_kaizer

6 years ago#2
Blowing up NCR or Legion opens a new location for each in the Mojave, "Long 15" for NCR, and "Dry Wells" for Legion, both of which are highly irradiated hellholes on the edges of the nuclear blasts you created. However, each location has one unique armour and one unique grenade rifle.

If you want Ulysses' stuff, the game gives it to you if you talk him down anyway, alongside your own custom version of his duster.
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
6 years ago#3
I think gear either doesn't matter, or you'd get the best from bombing BOTH.

You can stop it by sacrificing ED-E. He's inside a locked room right before entering the temple (inside the maintenance area).
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User Info: ssj5king

6 years ago#4
The only way you can miss any items is if you don't blow up the NCR and Legion.

If you blow up either one you can get a unique heavy armor and a unique grenade rifle, blow up both and you can get all 4.

To stop the bombs I think you have to sacrifice ED-E and make him stay there forever.

The only way it affects the Mojave is for whoever you choose to blow up there will be a new area with the unique armor and gun, plus you lose a ton of fame for whoever you blow up.
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User Info: agentspoon

6 years ago#5
Personally I would Nuke the Legion if your not working with them.

The NCR Armour you get for nuking the Long 15 looks like ass while the armour you get for nuking the Legion looks awesome. Basically your own suit of Legate Lanius's armour.
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User Info: Macdaddyruss1

6 years ago#6
so its cool to blow up both? Cause I was all the way NCR and I killed off all the legion 77 hours ago BUT i recently had a change of heart and killed all the NCR in the mojave so that should be fitting right?>
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  3. So I beat Lonesome road but I made a save right at ulysses WHAT TO DO

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