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User Info: Jet2024

6 years ago#1
Worth it? I would like to get to level fifty. Is there enough EXP without it? What do you think?
Gamertag: Damage2024

User Info: Rampagingwalrus

6 years ago#2
There is plenty enough experience in the game, without having to waste a perk slot on Lessons Learned, or any of the other +experience perks. Hell, you could be level 50 with things still left to do, even if you took Skilled, which nets you a loss of 10% experience.
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User Info: Wandrian

6 years ago#3
No, and I'm not even a fan of minmaxing. There's an infinite supply of XP out there, just aimlessly roaming the wasteland will grant you more XP than a perk ever will. Use the perk slot for something more interesting that suits your character instead.

User Info: JakeN43

6 years ago#4
This and Swift Learner are definately NOT worth it. It's too easy to get XP in this game. Just go to OWB or The Divide and kill things. Everything should net you 50 XP and there's PLENTY of things to kill that respawn. Especially in OWB with the Lobotomites and police/military cyber dogs.
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User Info: Jet2024

6 years ago#5
OK gotcha. Thanks for the timely responses.
Gamertag: Damage2024

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