Healing 10,000 damage with food?

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User Info: fuzzysgirl

5 years ago#1
Is it even possible? Are there any tricks to it? I have done 4 playthroughs and I checked, the most damage from food I have healed with one character is only 710. I only have 3 achievements left to get, this one, the Caravan one and the pickpocket one. Fun times.

Thanks for any advice guys! :)
~ America's Sweetheart
high survival+high end foods like bighorner steaks
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User Info: PotentialCyborg

5 years ago#3
Step 1) Buy about 1430 sugar bombs in the BOS bunker.
2) Step on a demo charge or take any amount damage any way possible.
3)Eat all the sugar bombs at once.


User Info: BayouJoe

5 years ago#4
Stand at Boulder Beach after you've killed the lakelurks.....go in the water til you're just over your head, when you're almost dead walk back to the beach and eat.....Ruby Nash's casseroles work the best.
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User Info: MonkeyFriday

5 years ago#5
Get item
Get damaged
While in the pip boy use all the food items possible... The effect will be applied when you exit the pip boy
Repeat as necessary

or so I recall doing it...
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User Info: pkmnpkmn

5 years ago#6
Here's what I did( not for the faint hearted)

player.modav health 100000



got out a mininuke minigun

stood next to a wall and let it rip, then when I had like 2000 hp left I downed about 1500 desert salads and 1000 caravan lunches.

then reduce my helath back to normal.
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User Info: fuzzysgirl

5 years ago#7
Ha ha, thanks guys! I KNEW you'd have some ideas. :D
~ America's Sweetheart

User Info: Neilo4

5 years ago#8
For the pickpocketing one their is a glitch that makes it easier.
Go to the vault on the strip (11 I think?)
Use stealth boy
Pick Pocket the women in the main room ( Sarah I think)
Take Bubble Gum and only the bubble gum.
It dosnt get taken out of her inventory, but still gets "taken"
"Steal" it once or twice, then back out and save if you havn't been caught, she sometimes catches you if steal it to much.
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User Info: jungledeeva

5 years ago#9
have a lot of food and/or high survival
go into pool at ultra luxe (where bathhouse is)
drown youself until you are low on health, then emerge and eat food
repeat until completed
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User Info: FlyinHawaiin444

5 years ago#10

It is tough, even on my latest playthrough. I am ditching medicine (except for quest checks) and only using food and water to heal. All survival. It has been fun. I don't know my current hours, but I did hit the 10,000 mark and rather quickly. Hope this helps.

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