which DLC is the best?

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User Info: firechicken76

5 years ago#1
I know opinions are going to vary here, but i just got the ultimate edition and have no knowledge of any of the DLC content. I had the GOTY edition of fallout 3 and my 2 fav dlcs were Mothership zeta and point lookout, the reason being : they were a much different enviorment than the wasteland. So with new vegas, is there anything like either of those? something that takes you away to a completely different type of enviorment?

User Info: jakezing33

5 years ago#2
lonesome road
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User Info: firechicken76

5 years ago#3
which should i play first, im only like lvl 4 right now.

User Info: bewarethegroove

5 years ago#4
Do either Honest Hearts or Dead Money first; I'd lean more towards Honest Hearts as there are more skill challenges in Dead Money that you'll miss the XP for if you go in too early.

Honest Hearts has a lot of harvest-able goods which is a big help if you're playing Hardcore and relying on survival

User Info: TalicPartTwo

5 years ago#5
I think the recommended level for Dead Money is like level 20+. So I would wait a little before you go there.

Honest Hearts is a good place to start.
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User Info: Jossto23

5 years ago#6
Best: lonesome road
Easiest: honest hearts
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User Info: zotobom

5 years ago#7
Best: owb Easiest: hh
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User Info: Runite

5 years ago#8
My favourite was OWB.

Dead Money can be easiest or pretty hard depending on your level and build.

Lonesome Road is a kick in the pants even at the high level of a solid build.

Honest Hearts is, as far as I'm concerned, totally skippable.

User Info: nagacorn

5 years ago#9
Honest Hearts is much better at lower levels, if you go there at higher levels it is way too easy. The environment is very nice though and fun to explore. I consider the survivalist logs you find while exploring to be the main story of the DLC and not actual conflict you end up in the middle of.

Dead Money is probably my favorite, but other people really dislike it. It is by far the most divisive of the DLC and probably the most unique. It is better at higher levels because it has a lot of high skill checks. It has the most interaction with NPCs and use of non-combat skills of the DLCs.

OWB is the most well-rounded and popular of the DLC, it is good in a lot of ways, although not necessarily great in any, but has something for everyone.

Lonesome Road has the best high level combat and good gear, but otherwise there isn't a lot to it.

User Info: pfh1001

5 years ago#10
Old World Blues is easily my favorite of them-- it has some of the best writing & voice acting in the entire series as far as I'm concerned. Plus, if you liked MZ's 50s B-movies sci-fi aesthetic, you'll probably like it a lot.

However, since you are low level, I would recommend doing Honest Hearts first-- it is the easiest DLC & has a nice unique environment as well.
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