Where is a good place to get some money fast early game?

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  3. Where is a good place to get some money fast early game?

User Info: WhydyoubanOrion

5 years ago#1
Looking to speed rush to the grafts/enhancements but I need some money for them on a new play through. Suggestions?
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User Info: spedward62

5 years ago#2
Blackjack :-)
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User Info: Otacon305

5 years ago#3
What DLCs do you have, if any?
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User Info: WhydyoubanOrion

5 years ago#4
All. But wasn't there a place you could swing around to and pick up some body armor and sell it for easy caps? Can't remember where that was.
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User Info: Otacon305

5 years ago#5
That's pocket change.

In Goodsprings, go into the house directly NE of Victor's shack. Steal the 20g single shotgun and the ammo on the shelf.

Go to the ammo reloading bench next to the general store in Goodsprings. Break down a few of the 20g shells, until you have at least 25 lead and 25 pistol powder.

Find at least one scrap electronics and one sensor module (one sensor module can be found on a shelf, in a trailer behind the Goodsprings general store).

Use the lead, pistol powder, scrap electronics, and sensor module to craft a satchel charge at the work bench next to the reloading bench. You'll need at least 25 points in the Explosives skill.

Go into the general store, buy as many 20g 3/0 buck rounds as you can afford, then exit the store.

Go into your pip-boy and equip the single shotgun you stole earlier. Press and hold the hotkey trigger, then, while keeping the hotkey trigger held down, go from the weapons screen to the ammo screen. Go to the 20g 3/0 buck rounds then assign them to the hotkey of your choice and release the hotkey trigger. Go back to the weapons screen and equip your satchel charge. Exit the pip-boy.

With your satchel charge readied, press the hotkey you assigned the 20g 3/0 buck rounds to. You should hear a click like you're equipping something, but the satchel charge should stay out. Drop a satchel charge. After hitting the ground, it should duplicate into 4 of itself. Disarm them and pick them up.

Repeat until you have a ton of satchel charges. Sell them (they're worth 125 caps each) and use the caps to buy more 20g 3/0 buck. Once you have enough to buy a block of C4 (or f you manage to find one lying around somewhere), do the same thing with the C4 in the place of satchel charges. It's worth more caps (999 base value).
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User Info: FluffyKidJoe

5 years ago#6
WhydyoubanOrion posted...
All. But wasn't there a place you could swing around to and pick up some body armor and sell it for easy caps? Can't remember where that was.

Nellis Airforce Base. There's a ridiculous amount of Combat armor in boxes and chests you can steal. Check both hangars, the mens and womens barracks and the boss ladies house.
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User Info: Konnie_cz

5 years ago#7
If you're at Nellis AFB you might as well just go to Vegas and max out the 4 casinos

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

5 years ago#8
if you are to the area around vegas to where you could buy an implant, you could easily jut do some gambling.

if you really need some quick money, here are a few good spots around that area.

1. durable dunns sacked caravan - head straight east from the gun runners following a narrow ditch with small bridges accross it. near one of the bridges, you will find some dead brahmin and bodies.

these bodies are wearing combat aromr and reinforced leather armor and generally have at least a few plasma rifles and lever action shotguns (worth a few thousand total).

note - aside from killing van graff guard, these are the only black colored combat armors in the game, making them semi-unique. i personally do not sell them because they look cool, but it is really easy money.

2. miguels pawn shop - located in westside, you can loot a few thousand caps worth of stuff if you dont mind a slight karma hit.
there is reinforced metal armor, a combat helmet, a .44 magnum, lever action shottie, and hunting rifle, a bunch of fission batteries and cig cartons etc... those are the most valuable items, but they are all very easy to steal, even with low sneak.

this stuff also makes for really good early game gear if you head straight for vegas rather than taking the long way through nipton and novac (im assuming that you are doing this since its an earl implant run).

that should be more than enough to get at least one implant, and if you do a little gambling, you can get a couple easily. caravan is also a good option, but the 2 best people to play with (those with the most money) arent super easy to get to. crocker is in the NCR embassy but you need at least the 2000 for the credit check to get in to the strip. no bark in novac is easier to get to generally, but novac is out of the way if you are speeding straight to get implants.
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User Info: uberDave

5 years ago#9
If you can find a caravn player who sells weapon mods, you can go back and forth from cleaning him out, buying new mods, cleaning him out etc. i earned 20k caps off the guy in the fort.

User Info: Liquid_Alcohol

5 years ago#10
Brotherhood of Steel bunker has tons of microfusion cells/e-cells in footlockers next to the beds. It also has some nice equipment in the Elder's quarters.

Also, rather than trying to pass the credit check, steal some ncr armor from a tent in Primm, equip it and take the tram from Mccarran to the strip. The guards will assume you're just another trooper. No caps check required, and you can gamble to the caps required for the implants.

Also, don't forget the snow globes. Several are pretty easy to get (good springs, hoover dam, Old mormon fort).
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