Explosives only run: Should I do it?

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User Info: Parasect_Fan

5 years ago#1
So, I've been considering this for a little while. Explosives are the least used weapon and I think only using explosives would be harder than any other weapon. So, should I give it a run? Advice if I do it? Etc.?

I wouldn't do it on Hardcore and I'd probably do it without companions. No going through the DLC (I have Dead Money, so I could make Gas Bombs in a pinch). I think this might be a lot of fun.
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User Info: TheOinkanator

5 years ago#2
Maybe pre-patch, but post-patched explosives are ridiculous (in the good way).

Killed Lanius with about 3 satchel charges with maxed out explosives.

Anyway, I suggest you do it. It isn't really that hard to start with explosives as dynamite is cheap and plentiful (especially if you hunt down the Powder Gangers for there explosives). Late game, you can slaughter anything with a grenade launcher, Red Glare, Anabelle, etc. Explosives, IMO, is definitely the most fun and entertaining weapon type in the game.

Perks are kinda self-explanatory, You'll want all 3 Demo Experts, Hit the Deck, Mad Bomber, Nuka Chemist (if you want infinite Nuka Grenades), and maybe Splash Damage.

I wouldn't really focus on much VATS perks or a high Agility. Explosives don't really benefit from VATS.
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User Info: Runite

5 years ago#3
VATS is handy for throwing, but throwing in New Vegas is pretty worthless because it leaves you so vulnerable.

User Info: Cereborn

5 years ago#4
My personal opinion falls somewhere between no and hell no.
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User Info: turn_based

5 years ago#5
Do it, if you dont mind taking 30 minutes trying to locate that skill book you blew off the shelf and through the wall/floor/and or ceiling.

Droppin' a deathclaw with ol' thumper is nice.
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User Info: Runite

5 years ago#6
If you're using one and only one weapon skill, you don't really need skill books. You'll have more than enough points.

User Info: MasterGakke

5 years ago#7
I am going to do this at some point. There are probably going to be some tough parts but I'd bet as you go along you could get pretty good at using mines and retreating to get away from close enemies. Mid-range and long-range you'd own, completely.
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User Info: Runite

5 years ago#8
Well, once you have some solid defences - power armor and Hit the Deck are the key components of this - you can just fire Thump-Thump shots point-blank and heal the damage off later.

It sounds mental, but the first blast should stun or knock-down anyone who's in your face for long enough to backpedal and finish them off safely. You also get good at shooting grenades at nearby walls so they hurt your enemies a lot and you very little.

User Info: VG_Soldier

5 years ago#9
Explosives are deadly. I doubt your run will be to agonizing in difficulty. Yes, go for it.
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

5 years ago#10
explosives are extremely fun to use. even if you dont go pure explosives, using it as a main with pistols or unarmed for backup is incredible fun.

if you have GRA the 25mm APW is a great all purpose weapon. and i love thump thump.

its a great skill for pure fun. not the most practical in all situations, thats no always the point.

timed mininukes or a fatmine while being chased through a hallways is great. total overkill, but seeing the huge explosions go off in a tiny hall is cool.

i feel like a boomer right now
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