Is there an easy EXP glitches with the Ultimate Edition version?

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  3. Is there an easy EXP glitches with the Ultimate Edition version?

User Info: boredgord

5 years ago#1
I just beat the game and I want to quick level myself so I can get the rest of the achievements. I have the Ultimate Edition so the game is fully patched. Is there any way for me to exp glitch?

User Info: grand_kaizer

5 years ago#2
Personally I don't see why you'd bother going into a game like this just for the achievements, that's like reading a book and only checking the first and last pages of each chapter so you get the bare minimum, but if you just want to play it at bullet-point level for whatever reason then more power to you.

There is, as I know of it, one unpatched exploit to powerlevel and also double up on perks: the Chet glitch.

What it entails is breaking the Goodsprings 'Ghost Town Gunfight' and 'Run Goodsprings Run' quests, forfeiting ever having the town love you (they won't hate you, they just wont' love you) and cementing your reputation at Wild Child for the Powder Gangers, but it gives you access to an exploitable glitch that allows you to not only get infinite experience and through speech challenges, but will also ensure that you never, ever, ever run out of 9mm ammo, so if you're going for this one, I recommend not playing on hardcore, and picking up a 9mm SMG, just so that you can start chewing through the 20k+ bullets you'll acquire by the end.

In order to set this exploit into place, the steps go as follows:

First, initiate the Ghost Town Gunfight quest by watching the scene at the bar and talking to Trudy. Don't bother talking to Ringo yet.

Now head over to Joe Cobb and speak to him, offering your services to start Run Goodsprings Run. Cobb asks you to kill Ringo before figuring out what to do with the town. So kill Ringo. Ghost Town Gunfight is now broken.

Talk to Cobb again, and he'll mention shaking down the store for supplies, or getting meds by tricking Doc Mitchell. Don't talk to Chet about that just yet though. Instead, murder Cobb and his cronies. Kill 'em all, and Run Goodsprings Run will break. You'll be hated by the Powder Gangers for it, but nobody cares what they think anyway.

Now that the quest is broken, go talk to Chet. Shake him down for supplies by passing either the speech or the barter check, and you'll get a leather armour, some ammo etc, and some experience for passing the check.

Now notice that the option is still there. So take it again. Shake him down again. Another leather armour, more ammo, more experience. Again. And again. And so on. And so on.

Assuming you haven't left Goodsprings yet you can still rebuild your character following leaving the region, which means that everything will go a bit sideways in the event you do. That's typically going to work in your favour though.

What you want to do now is pick perks you're not going to get through normal skill boosting, or useful utility skills with high requirements, like Jury Rigging, because some of these will actually glitch and carry over when your character is reset to level one after rebuilding them. Then, after being reset to level 1, the game will instantly award you all the previously acquired experience again, shooting you back up to whatever level you left Goodsprings at. This means you can level cap twice, and get nearly double the perks.

I say nearly double, because there are a few caveats to this: the two perks taken at level 2 and 4 are erased, regardless of which are picked. It's therefore recommended that you pick Swift Learner to speed up the rest of the process. I don't have a perfect list of all the perks that do and don't carry over or why, but you'll already have more perks than is possible to have, so do you really care if you have to pick one or two the second time round as well?

So there you have it. As far as I know it's the most exploitalicious method currently unpatched. It's tedious, but just keep a save prior to leaving Goodsprings and you can be a god of the Wasteland New Game+ styles whenever you want, if that's your go.
"I am the Truest Repairman!"

User Info: LancetJades

5 years ago#3
Just a note about perks that carry over when rebuilding:

The ONLY perks that don't carry over are level 2 and 4 perks from the main game (except Cannibal). The only DLC with level 2/4 perks is Dead Money and those WILL carry over. You'd probably want Light Touch and Old World Gourmet, in that case, unless you want Cannibal over one of them.

Some perks won't work properly when you rebuild, but that can be fixed via Old World Blues' trait-respec feature (a one-time thing, so keep that in mind). To clarify, the trait respec forces the game to recalculate all of your stats WITH all current perks in mind (something it doesn't even do on the rebuild, which makes sense since you're not supposed to keep any perks). This fixes perks that won't work like Life Giver and Strong Back, since they just add a flat amount to an existing stat when taken, and then are never called again.

The only perk that carries over but won't/can't work is Tag!, but you shouldn't be taking it anyways. If you do, we'll laugh at you and make you feel silly for even considering it.

Also, if you take Skilled asd a trait at the beginning, when you rebuild, you can choose a different trait but you'll keep the 5 skill points in each skill that Skilled gave you. If you take it when you rebuild, you'll have +10 to all skills total. It can then be ditched at the OWB trait respec for something more useful (or taken again, for a total +15 to all skills).
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User Info: grand_kaizer

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the clarification, Lancet. Knew there was a bunch of stuff I wasn't remembering.
"I am the Truest Repairman!"
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  3. Is there an easy EXP glitches with the Ultimate Edition version?

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