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User Info: factor09

6 years ago#1
I'm in the repconn basement's jail cell area, and can't figure out where to go next. Help?

User Info: xxslaytanicx

6 years ago#2
I have a similar problem, I have to clear out the area of Nightkin and, to my knowledge, I have. I found the surviving ghoul and informed him of

::Spoilers, i guess::

his friend's death

::End Spoilers::

Now I'm in the rocket room and I have no idea where else to go, anyone have any idea?

User Info: Tainted_

6 years ago#3
Out of curiosity, what level are you guys? I think I went there much too early, those Nightkin really destroyed me. I'm on hardcore mode with small frame, so they were crippling my limbs like hell. Even with me dosing on jet and such to beef up my AP. The best gun I've got on me right now is a fully repaired .357 with the long barrel upgrade in terms of singular damage. It seemed to be most effective against them, but even still would require a reload before I could take one down.

I was about level 6 I think, so I gave right up and went to do some other things before I would make my eventual return.
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: The preceding post is tainted.

User Info: xxslaytanicx

6 years ago#4
I'm level 10, not playing on Hardcore mode though. I did a lot of exploring, weapon gathering, ammo collecting, etc before I decided to do some quests. They were a little tough to take down but nothing like the Deathclaw I encountered when I was level 3, lol :)

User Info: DrkangelBTC

6 years ago#5

there is a final one you must beat called "Davidson" I think thats it, he has a name and starts with a D, he has at least 10x the HP of the others, and is in a room standing at a table. I used 5 frag mines set outside the dooor (died the first time I fought him,) He has a weapon called a bumper sword (that you can take off him :D) thats worth 1000 caps depending on where you sell it. I was lvl 5 when I took him on.
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User Info: xxslaytanicx

6 years ago#6
Yeah, I took him down as well but it's still not giving me any indication that I took all of them out. I also went back to Bright and spoke to him and apparently I still have more to do down here. I went into the room where you can see rockets outside a window and on the local map it shows to exits which leads to the REPCONN Basement..I found this odd, considering I'm already in the basement.

User Info: xxslaytanicx

6 years ago#7
Nevermind, found the last one. Scared the **** out of me too because I was beginning to lose all hope of finding him and as I turn a corner bam, he pops out of nowhere. lol, thanks guys:)

User Info: DrkangelBTC

6 years ago#8
ah, i did this around midnight so im a little hazy about it but im inclined to say that theres around 6-8 of them, including the last one, I just would systematically walk through, and remember to close every door that went to an empty room, so that way I didnt get lost again, lol
PSN: Winscar_Shinobi

User Info: PhilInTheBox

6 years ago#9
Boone was a lifesaver against the nightkin. That guy owned until he decided to drop his custom rifle for some reason >:O

User Info: summerstars

6 years ago#10
1. After you clear out the Nightkin, talk to the sniper dude in the basement and tell him about his friend. If you chose to kill ALL the Nightkin, including the non-hostile Nightkin, this will be the end of this part of the quest and you can go tell the Bright ghouls (at the top of the REPCONN facility) that the basement is clear.

2. If you DIDN'T kill the non-hostile Nightkin, you have more to do. The sniper ghoul will let you explore his area. Go up to the computer console and discover that the shipment of stealth boys WAS sent to REPCONN, but it caused problems and so it was sent back.

3. Go tell the non-hostile Nightkin that there are no stealthboys.

4. Go back up to the top of the facility (the REPCONN Research Labs) and tell Jason Bright that the basement is clear.

5. Go back down to the basement and ask Jason Bright what else they need.

6. Talk to Haversam.

7. Go to Novac and buy 5 souvenir rockets.

8. Go to Gibson's Salvage Yard (just a few steps north of Novac) and buy the rocket parts.

9. Go back to REPCONN's basement and give the rocket parts to Haversam.

10. Talk to Jason Bright.

11. Run back up to the top of the REPCONN facility, where Bright used to be, and run outside the previously locked door.

12. Hit the launch panel.

13. ???

14. Profit!
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