repeated crash in Primm

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  3. repeated crash in Primm

User Info: shervinv

6 years ago#1

I've had to hard-reboot multiple times now, I am in Primm and the game freezes either when I enter a tent, or when I try to repair an armor. I hear that the response to the constant crash reports has been that "It's a big game"... no apologies, and so far no reports of updates to fix these problems. I wish I had waited before buying this game, and if they don't fix these severe problems, it'll be last of the franchise I'm buying.

User Info: JimiMorrison187

6 years ago#2
Don't fix that NCR armor. It crashed for me too every single time.

User Info: SH_expert44

6 years ago#3
i crashed in primm when i checked garbage cans for some reason, this was like only 2 hours time logged into the game, dont know why...
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  3. repeated crash in Primm

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