How to you get past the Boomers?

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User Info: 1st_Level_Grunt

7 years ago#1
I've tried every route possible and still can't avoid getting blown up. I read that note the guy gave me but am not seeing those building I'm supposed to take cover under either. I've even tried telling my followers to wait and doing stuff that cranks my agility up to 10 but still can't make it to any building that looks like cover. None of the guides here have been completed enough to have any of the quest that involve this section.

I've also tried taking the long route and finding that subway tunnel but can't take that yet because it requires lockpick 100. (I'm also running into a glitch where a computer screen pops up occasionally when trying to pick a lock but that's another story)

User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

7 years ago#2
Make friends with the Boomers and you won't have to avoid them.
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User Info: 1st_Level_Grunt

7 years ago#3
How to you make friends with them without making contact with them?

User Info: hugie18

7 years ago#4
hug the rock on the left

User Info: Morbioso

7 years ago#5
Come up to the road, your object is to go left (nothing is straight ahead)

As soon as you pass the sign, go for the first house which is left of the road, AND STAND IN THE TALL CORNER.

Wait there until the bombs, stop.

Then jump out of the house and keep going left to the house that has no wall or door per say, but has an entire wall and some roof intact. Jump over the debris, and hide until the bombs stop again.

Jump out, and you should continue left to the fence, where they stop firing.

Done properly, you will not be harmed. I recommend leaving any followers behind.

User Info: thorninator264

7 years ago#6
i just ran straight through towards the gate jumping everything, barely took any damage
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User Info: Szymaa

7 years ago#7
When you come into the field that they fire on, hug the left most rock wall, and go forward that way. You will take damage, and possibly lose your right arm/leg, but you'll be alive when you hit the fence, and when you do, they'll stop firing.
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User Info: hugie18

7 years ago#8
just run on the left side u will only get hit once, maybe twice

User Info: Mr_M0j0_Rising

7 years ago#9
Also, if you have turbo with you, you can actually outrun the bombs since everything around you slows haha. Did it that way instead.
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User Info: Madcapunlimited

7 years ago#10
there's a mountain with the obnoxious invisible wall but you can climb the edge & circumvent part of the field. Basically go up top, go towards Nellis and drop down & keep going left. You can get through without a single hit if you time it right.
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  3. How to you get past the Boomers?

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