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User Info: Firehawk030

6 years ago#1
I just can't seem to figure out how to hack the computers.
I had this problem i fallout 3 now New Vegas.
I've read the faqs and still have trouble, i'm not dumb or anything, I'm 44, it's just that i'm confused on how to do this.
Does anyone know if there is a video tutorial somewhere that i can't watch to explain this or a more dumbed down faqs version to help me understand this.
Any help is appriciated.
The Firehawk

User Info: Firehawk030

6 years ago#2
The Firehawk

User Info: drew9966

6 years ago#3
It's not that hard but if you are having trouble then just start guessing. Once you have only one chance left exit and then re-enter the computer and try again. The password resets each time you do this. Eventually you will get it.
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User Info: Doops_21

6 years ago#4
It is quite easy but can also be frustrating. As the above user said you can randomly select 3 and then exit, or you can save just before the terminal and try 4 times then re load your save.

Anyway when it says 4 out of 7 for example it means you have 4 letters in sequence correct. Look at all the other words to see similarities in each. You might have Healing for example and you have 4 correct, then you see Feeling and you do not see any other words with ling on the end, then Feeling is the logical answer. I might be wrong but it is my theory on working the terminals.
Life would be like a box of chocolates... If I hadn't eaten them all.

User Info: Doops_21

6 years ago#5
sorry that should of read 5 out of 7 correct with Healing.
Life would be like a box of chocolates... If I hadn't eaten them all.

User Info: Zmapper33

6 years ago#6

if you select witches and it says, you got 3 right you check all the words for 3 same position letters.

switches has 2 the "es"
teaches has 4 the "ches"
creatures has 2 the "es"
features has 2 the "es"
winner has 3 the "wi" and "e"

so the answer must be winner to unlock the computer.

User Info: aurick79

6 years ago#7
this is an online tool that you can use, I have my netbook open and use it while I play


Past that if you can't use the computer at the same time, I use graph paper, write each word on a line and each letter ina box and then it makes it easier.

User Info: sidsid118

6 years ago#8
dont forget the bracket trick as well. (.hj) <gfjh> {hjjh} if you see any brackets like this select the one on the left, if it all lights up like a proper word, then you will either remove a dud, or get your attempts reset if you select it.
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User Info: Firehawk030

6 years ago#9
one last bump
The Firehawk

User Info: jedioutkast

6 years ago#10

I also noticed if you see $$ near the word it also might be the password. Im 37 and I love hacking those computers you have to look for the () {} before the words facing each other also if you choose a tion ing ed look for comon words with that type of ending. always back out of the computer your hacking after 3 tries or you will lock yourself out of it.

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