center of mass or sniper?

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User Info: VaultDweller24

6 years ago#1
which one is better?
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User Info: Bladenyte

6 years ago#2
do you use vats a lot? then sniper
manual aiming to the torso, center of mass
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User Info: Geosapient

6 years ago#3
Isn't Center of Mass VATS only? I haven't played for a few days and really never paid much attention when I was playing.

Still... my last character I took Center of Mass and ended up sniping most everything out of VATS...
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User Info: gamegene9060

6 years ago#4
he's talking about the 2 perks, sniper and center of mass, i prefer sniper, but thats just because thats what i always got in FO3, just pick one or the other, but both together wont benifit you any more
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User Info: xcetrax

6 years ago#5
centre of mass is V.A.T.S only, and it's not the same as the sniper perk.

the sniper perk increases your chances of hitting the head in V.A.T.S by 25%

centre of mass increases the DMG done to the torso, but does not affect your chances of hitting
it at all.

so it's not like picking both of tem is a total waste, just near total.

both are V.A.T.S only.

hope this helps.

User Info: Fourth_Bonkura

6 years ago#6
I suppose that depends on how much extra damage a headshot does.
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User Info: xcetrax

6 years ago#7
in FO3, it was 1.5-2X DMG, unless it was a robot.
headshots on robots made no difference whatsoever, regardless of the model.

not sure if they kept all the the same for NV though.
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  3. center of mass or sniper?

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