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User Info: Sairos

6 years ago#1
strategies and thoughts on the best methods to kill the demonic flies from the third circle.

Two things I found out are frag mines, and hollow point rounds work well, Cazadores have a fair amount of health, and are hard to hit, but they actually have no DT, so Hollow point rounds work well on them. Also the laser tommy gun works effectively against them, though it eats up ammo rapidly. Also a warning, unless using turbo they are very difficult to snipe.

User Info: JimiMorrison187

6 years ago#2
attack them until they no longer have HP.

User Info: hrbfkv

6 years ago#3
vats to hit a wing, then pick them off while they are crawling around.
Boone works too.

User Info: Bladenyte

6 years ago#4
"attack them until they no longer have HP."

smartest thing you have ever said, and i agree with it completely

i dont get why people have so much trouble with those things.. i've gone through the game 3 times now on varying lvls of difficulty and never once have i had any trouble with the flying bugs
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User Info: beard4U

6 years ago#5
I've become partial to taking a minigun into cazadore heavy areas. regular ammo and have ED-E carry about 2,000 rounds back up.
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User Info: CensorErik

6 years ago#6
I agree with using the minigun and really any gun with a high ammo capacity. The faster the better. Shooting the wings works if you can hit them with a strong enough shot to cripple them. Its all relative. I've seen some people on here that have a tough time with giant radscorpions, or deathclaws, or even mirelurks, and inevitably someone else says they're easy even on the hardest difficulty. This is completely true, for you. But some people encounter these creatures on low levels, with crappy weapons and armor, maybe low agility, and no idea how to react initially.

Eventually they're easy for everyone.
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User Info: younghaze

6 years ago#7
The Flamer works wonders. A Flamer with extended tanks is easy mode.

User Info: Kynton

6 years ago#8
when you run into the Cazadores, just back off before they see and you and just snipe them from a distance.

I have also found that if you jump on some rocks (if there are some near by) these flies cant get to you and fly they off, which seems kind of stupid since they can fly, but its almost like they cant see you when you do this. So as they fly off i shoot them. they all come back but they still cant get to me because im still on the rock. So they fly off again. Rinse and repeat. It works for me this way.

User Info: NakedSantaClaus

6 years ago#9
- Be prepared to backpedal
- Disable the wing/s to greatly impair movement speed
- When attacked by multiples, disable the wings before going in for individual kills
- Attack the elder Cazadors before the younger
- Generally speaking, Cazadors should probably be avoided before level 7-10; groups before 13-15

Happy hunting.

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User Info: supedude

6 years ago#10
hide on a rock so that they can't get you, they're pretty stupid and don't fly up
*is supedude*
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