Questions about Goodsprings EXP Glitch

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User Info: Shibbie68

6 years ago#1
Sorry if this post seems redundant in any way, but I have some questions regarding the perk/exp exploit in Goodsrpings.

Does this allow you to completely max out your character? In other words, do you loose all your skill points after your characters level resets? Or is it additive?

Also, is there a way to get every perk (that you want) this way? For example, would this allow me to choose ALL VATS and Weapon Damage related perks?

And if anyone has a link to the most definitive guide involving this glitch, like something that lists ALL of the perks (and which will not carry over) or maybe suggestions on how to best take advantage of this exploit. Like, for example, what your SPECIAL and skills should be as to get the most perks and skillpoints when it come time to level up. Things like that.

User Info: hrbfkv

6 years ago#2
You level up taking perks along the way. Then when you leave Goodsprings and rebuild your character you lose your first two perks, but keep all the rest, and you reset to level one. Then you get back all the experience points you lost all at once, allowing you to level up 30 times without taking a step and giving you 15 more perks.

User Info: grand_kaizer

6 years ago#3
So with the glitch you can get a total of 28 perks. You're allowed to respec everything before you leave, so your initial stats can be chosen specifically to get perks that the character build you actually want won't normally get (Sniper is a good one).

Make your first two perks swift learner, since you can't carry them over and they'll help the entire process move faster.
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User Info: Shibbie68

6 years ago#4
What about the Educated perk or Intense Training perks? If you use them the first time, even when your skills are reset, will you still retain those extra skill points to distribute as you like?

You mentioned that level 2 and level 4 perks will not carry over... does that mean whichever perk you choose AT level 2 and 4 will be removed, or do you mean the perks you unlock that are specific to the level? For example, if I were to choose the "Lady Killer" perk at level 10 as opposed to level 2 (when it is unlocked), would I keep that perk?

User Info: StockpileThomas

6 years ago#5
None of the 2/4 level perks (except Cannibal) will carry over when you pick them first time round, even if you pick them later say at perk level 10. If you want these perks plan to take them after leaving Goodsprings the 2nd time you level up.

Do note some perks will be lost if you change sex or race, i can confirm Action Boy will be lost if you change sex and Strong Back will be lost if you change race upon leaving Goodsprings.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#6
^ this means it's a good idea to pick swift learner for one or two of the perks for the first set, as they won't carry over (unless you want cannibal), and it will lessen the time taken to complete the glitch.

However, you may also want educated, so you can qualify for more of the high-skill-requirement perks that you want to carry over when you reset.
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User Info: Shibbie68

6 years ago#7
Oh one more thing to clear up....

Does using this glitch FORCE you to level up afterward? In other words, can I just level up to 30, take the extra perks, reset my character level when I leave Goodsprings, and then continue with normal (slow) progression? I was hoping this glitch would just allow me to create a more specific character by having extra perks, because I still want slow level progression and earning XP the honest way (as if exploiting the extra perks is any more honest).
Once you reset your character and stats, you will level up again back to whatever level you were at when you reset, one after another.
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