How do I cure companions poison?

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  3. How do I cure companions poison?

User Info: The_Agent_Smith

6 years ago#1
So I saved after a huge battle with Cazcadors, my companion has ~40% of HP left but he's poisoned .. using stimpacks won't help, using antivenom or giving him any won't help. Travelling to town doesn't help.

User Info: curtisalanmcgee

6 years ago#2
Oh, wow. I have never ran into that situation.

I didn't even know that companions could get poisoned. I have heard the sound effect go off when the bugs attack other npcs, but never a companion.

If they wont use the antidote, then try going to a doctor and asking for aid. I doubt it will do it, but that is my best guess.

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

6 years ago#3
Delete the game data to get rid of the patch. From what I understand, that's a new bug where poison never wears off of companions, and the version 1.02 patch causes it. Just DON'T delete your save data and you won't actually lose anything (other than about 10 minutes of your time).
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User Info: edelbrock442

6 years ago#4
really? that sucks i used my companions to fight scorpions and cazadors, for that specific reason.

User Info: kirkonacid

6 years ago#5

I've only encountered this problem after installing the 1.02 patch (US). After going unconscious and waking up, they are no longer poisoned. Sending them to the Lucky 38 also has the same effect. Obviously, it is a huge pain in the arse, especially when you depend on them to kick some cazador butt.

Interestingly with Lily, her HP will only drop so low from poison and for some reason, she apparently is no longer poisoned.

User Info: Aeyjay

6 years ago#6
i had this on hardcore with veronica, nothing worked but then got into another fight and her healh went back to normal after like it usually does, maybe a coincidence

User Info: edelbrock442

6 years ago#7
it's probably because when you get done fighting with them, their state goes back to normal, so if they still are on fire or poisoned they remain that way until it would normally wear off. i guess the new patch somehow made it so it's a permanent effect, but when you go into combat again, and they don't get poisoned that time, the poison already wore off before that combat ended, so it isn't there anymore.
assuming of course you know what i am saying, but it is really hard to put what i am thinking into words.

User Info: The_Agent_Smith

6 years ago#8
Well, I found a way to save a companion.

Talk with him/her, then choose that you two will part ways.
Then just go and pick him/her up again in his/her hometown, and the problem is solved. :)

Otherwise, yeah. Oh HC bugs like this are rather frustating..
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  3. How do I cure companions poison?

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