Fallout: New Vegas, Game of The Year Edition?

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User Info: Eternal_Insane

7 years ago#1

I don't want to make this mistake a third time, being as I bought Oblivion, thenI bought its GoTY, and the same for Fallout 3, didn't think Fallout 3 would have a GoTY, but sure enough it did, so thats four copies right there. Does anyone know if New Vegas is going to receive a GoTY? I'd really hate to buy the first game, then a GoTY comes out and then I have to buy that one too, I feel its a waste. And I'd also hate to never buy Fallout New Vegas, because I'm thinking a GoTY comes out for it, and then it never does, so I've waited too long to buy it and its hard to find in stores. So if anyone knows it'll be greatly appreciated, its why I'm asking early.

User Info: BulletSweater

7 years ago#2
Wouldn't the GOTY edition just come with the DLC? Why waste the money buying two copies?

They haven't announced a GOTY or any DLC for that matter. Though I think there will be a good chance of DLC, then GOTY I guess.

User Info: Aries139

7 years ago#3

this years goty is going to be tough but if they do release goty edition its still going worth getting if they release 5 or more dlc's because they are like $10 each anyway all you do is trade/sale your old one and everything balances out which is better for you going 1 or 2 years with out playing no dlc's,wait 2 to 3 years of not playing F:NV for a goty edition,or jus buy the dlc's anway

User Info: MetalGearGekko

7 years ago#4
so I've waited too long to buy it and its hard to find in stores

That's gonna be a REALLY long time, so I don't think you have to worry about that.
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User Info: RobJ23

7 years ago#5
Get whatever you want. If you have patience: get GOTY... but there is no guarantee this will be GOTY. We can't assume every Fallout will get that status somewhere, even if 3 did.

Also, the DLC isn't that special overall. The only decent things in 3 were: Zeta for a few weapons, and the level cap being raised to 30. Hopefully New Vegas has a decent level cap, and doesn't need to be expanded by DLC this time. Plus there is no guarantee New Vegas will have good DLC in the first place....so let's not assume here.

New Vegas is a ways off, so why worry now?

User Info: Caanimal

7 years ago#6
Only thing I didn't like about FO3 is that they didn't release just the expansions on disc here in the states... I would have rather have bought just the 5 expansions on disc for $30 or $40 instead of dropping another $60 (when it first came out) for a game I already have. This is one of the reasons I actually waited and picked it up just a couple months ago for just $35. I still plan on picking this one up on release, going to pre-order the CE when I pick up RDR in a few days.

User Info: Kuhn_Apollo

7 years ago#7
its already a fact tht this will be the goty
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User Info: pkbynight

7 years ago#8
the game will come out this fall but yes i bet there is going to be a goty but not intill at least next year, after most or all of dlc comes out which i bet there will be just like fallout 3
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