Any Romance?

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User Info: TriangleHard

7 years ago#1
That's what I hope to see added.

Some deeper level of interaction with characters, and some romance option (always provides that extra level of optional depth if presented)

In Fallout 3, I didn't feel very attached to any characters. I hope that changes in this new game.

User Info: ArkhamEscapee

7 years ago#2
I wouldn't want it. None of the Fallout games have ever had any real level of focus on relationships, and I'd really prefer it stayed that way.
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User Info: Jr14

7 years ago#3

This is basicly a shoot and kill game not much of a loving game.

User Info: Mr_M0j0_Rising

7 years ago#4
Agree with other two, go play sims or something. No need for romance..maybe a little hanky panky but nothing more than that.
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User Info: Caanimal

7 years ago#5
Maybe some social by-play, but nothing near what is in, say, Dragon Age: Origins... As others have said, if you want all that go play The Sims or import a Japanese Dating Sim...

User Info: assassin349

7 years ago#6
i kinda get what you mean, i dont want NPCs that are just emotionless and blank, i want the NPCs to be more lifelike, but idk if i would want relationships with them... haha
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User Info: Ricky Tony Leone

Ricky Tony Leone
7 years ago#7
Fallout + romance = Fallmance.

Doesn't make sense.
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User Info: Thompson

7 years ago#8

From: Ricky Tony Leone | #007
Fallout + romance = Fallmance.

Doesn't make sense.

Fallout + weapons = Fallons.

Fallout + exploration = Falloration.

Fallout + awesome = Fallsome.

Doesn't make sense.
It sounds like sexual innuendo, however.

User Info: raptor400k

7 years ago#9
^lol, now that's funny

I too wish for better options with NPCs and maybe this game with its rep system and etc might be able to really do that, however, I don't think romance will be good for this game, especially since I'm not impressed about how most games handle these things. Maybe you should be able to go further with prostitutes9not like in f3) but that's just it. Oh and maybe they should also make npcs notice if your a female.
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User Info: oblivion-IV

7 years ago#10

I agrre with the topic starter....I wish that you could actualy have some ralations with your companions...

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