longest, hardest trophie to obtain?

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User Info: shiva9999

7 years ago#1
topic ?
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User Info: DankAssSlurpee

7 years ago#2
If there is a trophy for beating hardcore mode, I have to think thats up there on the list.
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User Info: xPinkSparklesx

7 years ago#3
Hardcore mode for me because my first playthrough is going to take as long as i can drag it out for. When i played FO3 and Oblivion i rushed through them because they were my first RPGs and didn't know the world would be so big and fun to explore.

I think the companion trophy will be the most annoying because i don't like having them. I think these companions sound as if more time went into creating them, so maybe i will enjoy these ones.
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User Info: SoNin360

7 years ago#4
Depends... The Hardcore trophy might be the most challenging. Some of the 10K damage ones might take a while, especially if you don't use mellee a lot or something. Overall the trophies don't look that hard and can probably be obtained in one playthrough assuming you start off on Hardcore.

User Info: RobJ23

7 years ago#5
Topic maker, why the hell does it matter at this point? The game is not even out. When you get the game, why not just play it? Stop worrying about trophies and actually enjoy the game.

User Info: flaire

7 years ago#6
Thats what she said
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User Info: SkrallRampager

7 years ago#7


User Info: Geosapient

7 years ago#8
Obviously it will be the platinum trophy...
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User Info: hitosura22

7 years ago#9
to answer that TC's question ima have to say that the longest, hardest trophy to obtain is the one you might not be lucky enough to be born with lmao jk jk. but yeah i would assume the hardcore mode trophy

btw is there a trophy for completing the game on a harder difficulty? like very hard mode and the likes?
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User Info: Ronson_6

7 years ago#10
I've seen the trophy list and there is a trophy for beating the game on Hardcore...why wouldn't they have that since its a new addition to the series? O_o


Play the story from start to finish on Hardcore difficulty. It's a gold trophy so at least its worth it lol =)
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