The *Official* Hunt For The Blue Star Cap Prize

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User Info: JimiMorrison187

7 years ago#31
That dude you are talking about I saved him and killed Jacklyn. She had like 3 on her. I let him go because I'm a big softie.

User Info: dtr2684

7 years ago#32
To: Marcus Brody, VP of Technology
Subject: While the iron is hot

Body: Marcus, I have a few ideas about how we can turn this whole contest situation to our advantage. I'm going to need you to work with the advertising guys on a very special project. A meeting request will be sent out soon. By the way, how do you feel about Cowboys?

Marcus Brody? Maybe the treasure is the Ark of the Covenant.

User Info: _Sevilst_

7 years ago#33
The Blue Caps are completely random, I had 7 SS in my inventory drank 5 and got a Blue Star Cap, then loaded and drank all 7 and did not get one....

No set locations...not set bottles in certain machines, 100% random.

User Info: buuddha7

7 years ago#34
Each cap does have a set location and there are 100 of them in the game. When drinking a Sunset Sarsaparilla you have a 10% chance of getting a star cap.
If you want to know the reward for collecting 50 of them.......

The Pew Pew Laser Pistol (Make sure you pick it up off of Allen Marks' corpse)
PSN- buuddha7

User Info: Valor_Phoenix

7 years ago#35
There are 100 caps placed in the game world, typically where you see a lone empty sasparilla bottle there is typically a star cap inches away from it. Just look on desks and coffee tables.

There are also star caps found on certain people as mentioned, gained from opening bottles of sasparilla and even have a random chance of spawning in certain loot containers.

Once you turn in 50, you get a side quest for them that basically makes it apparent there was no prize. The "prized item" is a unique high damage, fast firing laser pistol called Pew Pew found on an adventurer in a locked room in the Sasparilla building that is only unlocked after turning in 50 caps.

~ ~ PSN ID: ValorPhoenix ~ Raven [ / . \ ] Hubris
"There are more defective users than defective systems."
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