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Pimp-Boy Croocked.

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User Info: Inutaisho7996

7 years ago#1
After I got the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, my character looks at it with his arm at an angle. Is there any way to get my Pimp-Boy straight?

User Info: crazyj10

7 years ago#2
Nope. I even loaded a save I had just before the end of the quest and completed it again and went to Mick and Ralph's and it was still crooked. But I know it's random glitch so I don't know what happened.
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User Info: Eedrah

7 years ago#3
it's not a glitch, it's meant to be like that, if you don't like it you can go talk to Mick to get him to give you the pip-boy back....

User Info: Kliamgroq

7 years ago#4
"When obtained there is a chance that the Pimp-Boy will be incorrectly applied to the character model and will always be viewed at an odd angle when accessing the Pimp-Boy menu. There is no known fix for this glitch."

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