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User Info: Joolsy

6 years ago#1
Hey all,

I know this has probably been asked a zillion times before but any response would be much appreciated;

I am a veteran Fallout 3 player with 100% achievements completed, I just bought this game as I loved 3 so much and as ever wish to min-max to the best extent possible.

What would your recommendations for the best starting SPECIAL set-up be for a Normal difficulty game please?

Also; What traits are recommended (I gather Kamikazi is a good one)?

Thanks in advance.
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: cmburch

6 years ago#2

Endurance of 8. You will find out why it is best to start with this about midway through the game.

In Fallout 3, I liked energy weapons, explosives, guns, sneak.

This game I started higher on speech, lockpick, repair, etc. Why? There are many speech checks. I was really low on survival, melee, unarmed. I still like explosives and energy weapons, and sneak, but not intitially.

It looks like many of the traits there is a great trade off. I took the one that increases speech but lowers all the fighting. I can't remember the other one I took.

User Info: Joolsy

6 years ago#3
Thanks for the quick response, so other than endurance is it still a good idea to start with 9 Intelligence?
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: cmburch

6 years ago#4

I would keep most the same. I think I only add the remaining points to intelligence and luck or charisma. Remeber this is New Vedas so luck can be important. I did not lower any. I took the good natured and built to destroy figuring these had the least negative aspects other than wild wasteland. I figured I could make up the minus 5 on guns, melee, etc. If hardcord mode may want melee and unarmed since ammo will have weight. Of course, what I did may not interest you. Endurace 8 for sure and an extra point in luck.

User Info: cmburch

6 years ago#5

I just counted. Sorry. Endurance of 7 minimum. Not 8.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#6
High Intelligence isn't nearly as important as it was in Fallout 3, as the skill points you get from it are halved.

However, I would advise high luck (7 or above) if you want an easier first playthrough.
"I think all you gotta do is find that little black kid, and doesn't that start the whole backdoor option?" -WHiTE_LickR

User Info: mitchteaser1

6 years ago#7
Get your speech up high!
In FO3 my speech was rarely above 50 and made no difference. In this game Speech should be raised to 50 asap, Most quests have a speech check somewhere, be it an extra objective or double the caps or to save a huge amount of leg work.

I might be missing some benefit but Charisma still seems useless to me. I put mine on 1 and have not come across any problems.

I put strength high on FO3 to carry stuff, but in NV you will normally have a companion so a strength of 6/7 is more than enough. If you are a unarmed/ melee build you may need higher. Also some guns you need a strength to use well.

Repair is not as useful either. You can repair stuff to 100 % with a low repair. At high levels when you are using unique weapons repair is more relevant.

Two essential early perks are Comprehension and Educated (educated first).

User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#8
Yes, both Comprehension and Educated are a lot more useful this time around, although since you can take fewer perks, you may be forced to take only one. I'd go with Comprehension, this time around.
"I think all you gotta do is find that little black kid, and doesn't that start the whole backdoor option?" -WHiTE_LickR

User Info: cmburch

6 years ago#9

Good point on the educated and comprehension. Do not read skill books until aquiring comprehension. Why educated first? You get some extra point to distribute each level-up. This can be good for getting thing like explosives to 50/70, sneak to 45/50, science to 75, lockpick up etc. Even though it is only 2-3 points per level it can make a difference.

I was unaware about charisma. I assume it was needed for thing like speach, I have completed about 3/4 of the game. I may start a game simultaneously on hardcore mode with less charisam, so I can puy more in other areas.

User Info: MistahGrieves

6 years ago#10
don't be afraid to polarize your points early, especially where intelligence is involved. Regardless of if you want to be stronger with range or close quarters, intelligence is the most solid bet you can make on a stat to max out right away. You may want to hang back at 9 intelligence if you're getting a lot of endurance (i.e favoring melee) as you'll be able to upgrade all your stats by +1 at a later time, but remember that each point you don't have invested in int is 1 less skill point you're getting each time you level, and over 30 levels those definitely add up. In order to get int to these levels, and still be strong in other areas, you'll have to sacrifice one of your stats to a degree. The best bets for this are typically charisma, and then perception, or luck depending on style of play. Charisma does make your buddies much more effective, but boon with a big whacking stick and a good sniper/Anti-materiel rifle in the later lvls generally destroys even at 2 charisma. To give you an example of how to build a truly badass unarmed specialist, who'll still be more than capable in other areas, with very polarized base stats. Note I've disregarded luck, as this particular build is about sacrificing crit power for overwhelming speed and damage. However, this means I will not be able to rape Vegas, which is an -excellent- way to start the game if you're willing to make the dangerous trip from good-springs there right from the start, allowing you to purchase the medical upgrades (i.e stat boosts) early.


Strength: 9
Perception: 2
Endurance: 9
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 5
Luck: 2

Tagged skills:

Heavy Handed
Small frame (unless hardcore, then MAYBE kamikaze)

lvl 2- Intense training - (agi.)
lvl 4- Educated
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