unarmed special moves

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User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#1
ok, so iv got level 100 unarmed and all special moves
i get that the khan trick is a disarm move and the ranger takedown knocks them down so you can VATS stomp them or just run like hell, but i really dont get the benefit of the legion assualt forward move
does it do more damage or knock them back more or something?
the wiki doesnt seem to mention it
similar thing, but at lv50 and lv75 unarmed, you get the uppercut and cross punches.
i get that both of them only use the same VATS cost as a literal unarmed(ie no unarmed weapon equiped) punch does, making them good for letting big weapons with a big AC cost attack like 5 times in a row, but i have no idea what benefit the cross has over the upper (since it requires an extra 25 skill points, im assuming its not just a cosmetic upgrade)

TL;DR: what benefit is there to the legion assault, uppercut and cross special unarmed moves?


User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#2
Just got this from the wiki. Didn't find any Legion Assault info:

Uppercut / Unarmed 50 / 20AP / +15% DMG
Cross / Unarmed 75 / 20AP / +10% DMG / Increased Limb Damage
Stomp / NA / ?AP / +100% DMG / Only on knocked down opponents
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User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#3
ah cool
that explains those two

anyone happen to know anything about legion assault?
im leaning towards incread knockback/increased crit chanc based on using it a bit more

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

6 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure it is increased damage and range with your forward power attack. It is a bit faster as well.

It makes sense if I'm right, as the guy that teaches it to you tells you it is a move for rushing in and taking out an enemy before he can react.
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User Info: i_m_me

6 years ago#5
what i've always used the charge for, was to close that gap that could be a problem with some enemies. for instance, fiends or viper gangs. duck between cover and when you're close enough, CHARGE!
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User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#6
oooooooooooh, right
now that you mention that, it does give you a real kick of speed
also: i have only just realised that legion assault-> khan trick-> ranger takedown -> curbstomp is pretty much instant death to any weapon weilding guy if you then pickup there weapon
i feel so foolish now haha
anyone else have any good combos (sorry for making this thread a bit of a zombie)
and thank you to you guys, you were very helpful :-)

User Info: crimsonfoxm1911

6 years ago#7
zegram33 posted...
anyone else have any good combos

yes in fact it's for melee and it involves a melee partner (lily or veronica)
weapon: fully modded war club, melee skill at least 45
tactic: first thing to know is that the war club is the fastest melee weapon in the game (when fully modded) therefore it can dish out a heavy hit quicker and dash forward with ease

ok so when confronted draw the club and either do the special vats move or dash at the enemy urself and then get the enemy to face away from ur partner done correctly ur partner should get a good crack at his head killing him or leaving him open for u to give the final blow

i have more stuff for guns but since this is about CQC idk if u wana hear em

User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#8
yeh, no complaint from me
might as well trn this into a general combat tip thread, as off original topic as that is, it would be interesting to see what kinda strategies/moves everyones thought up

User Info: tzar_666

6 years ago#9
the legion takedown is awsome.. it really comes in handy.. i use mostly brass knuckles and it worlds great.. bot i have fallen in love with hte super heated saternite fist
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User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#10

From: crimsonfoxm1911 | #007
tactic: first thing to know is that the war club is the fastest melee weapon in the game

Chance's Knife, Chopper and Figaro are all faster.
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