ED-E My Love Glitch?

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User Info: surfacewound

7 years ago#1
I just got my ED-E and have no idea what I'm supposed to do. The mission log says "(Optional) Take ED-E to Gibson scrap yard" or something.

I take it there and nothing happens. I talked to old lady Gibson, which is where the quest arrow points to, but there is no available dialog about ED-E or anything new, my only options are to trade or have her repair something. I walked all throughout the scrapyard, came back to her, nothing.

Am I just screwed out of the mission from some glitch or am I missing something?

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User Info: TidusDaniel54

7 years ago#2
I took ED-E there and he started talking to me and played a mission log. then the quest log changed to "he must have something hidden in his logs" or something. I think you just may have to have a certain lvl of repair for him to talk to you, seems a bit like the HK-47 questline in KOTOR.
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User Info: Apolladan

7 years ago#3
Go to Helios and talk to Ignacio about Archimedes and it should trigger a dialogue. 48 hours after you'll get a quest marker.
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User Info: ColonelBauer

7 years ago#4

This quest isn't clear. I went to the Gibson Scrapyard and she wouldn't talk to me about the Eye Bot because I already did the Helios One quest. She starts with "where did we leave off?" and I can buy, have her repair, or leave. From the Guide Book I went to Helios One after the scarpyard and talked to Ignatio and heard a recording from ED-E. The Guide Book isn't too clear on this part either because it mentions 6 possible "trigger" words that ED-E has to be around to hear. Do you need to hear all 6 or does just one of the trigger words work and start the quest in motion?

Anyway from what I gather I need to wait 2 days in-game and I'll get another message from ED-E so I'm going to free range explore a bit and hope in doing so I don't bollix up future quests by inadvertently killing somebody essential by accident, discovering something prematurely or otherwise messing something up.

After 2 days if I get the recording fine, then I'll do the next part which involves Hidden Valley. My goal is to get the laser weapon upgrade for ED-E and go from there. It sure helps having another 250 carry weight companion so I can carny even more junk around and I don't have to leave good stuff behind.

User Info: blingbling078

7 years ago#5
im not getting the update after 48 hrs this is annoying

User Info: ColonelBauer

7 years ago#6

I just got the second recording after the 2 day wait, ED-E chirped and I dialogued with him but the recording is from Whitley and sounds the same and mentions getting the bot to Navarro. The guide book says the second recording should be from Knight Lorenzo. I'm still not sure if you need all the recording to proceed or if you can just go ahead anyway. I'm going to mess around with the Return To Sender quest some more and then try and deal with the other recordings. The guidebook mentions that Arcade Gannon will say "many of" the magic words which implies that you possibly don't need to hear them all.

User Info: Darkenvail

7 years ago#7
My dialogues for ED-E unlocked at jacobstown, talking to the doctor (the word enclave triggers it). then the next 2 dialogues were random, once when I was inside the BoS bunker and the other when I was just outside wandering around.

User Info: ColonelBauer

7 years ago#8

I'm still at the "wandering around" part since old lady Gibson won't say anything. ED-E has spoken Log 1and I'm wondering what triggers Log 2 or lets this quest continue. I've been up against some intense insect swarms and other situations where his advanced laser would really come in handy. I'm going to make a trip to Jacobstown and see if that does anything.

Overlapping quests like this should leave the options open for the uncompleted quests and not lock you out.

User Info: ColonelBauer

7 years ago#9

This quest is frustrating. Got the second recording at Jacobstown. Now I have to wait 2 days for the final recording from Knight Lorenzo to pop in. According to the guidebook it just mentions having to speak with 2 people - Old Lady Gibson and Ignatio at Helios One, so it has to be any 2 in any order of the following trigger words: Navarro, Enclave, Poseidon, Air Force Base, Eden, Helios, Archimedes. Igantio mentions Archimedes and the doc in Jacobstown mentioned Enclave. I'm guessing the old lady would have mentioned Helios.

I know where the next part is supposed to be but I don't want to go there before the next recording comes in and screw this quest up any further. I'm assuming it tells you where to go and puts a map marker for you. Old lady Gibson should always have the dialogue option available for the ED-E quest regardless. Trying to get the other words just by chance you could go through 20 level ups and never hear a trigger word. I'm going to dump his entire inventory in my hotel room before the upgrade because anything he's carrying disappears when they do the upgrade work on him. The little bugger is getting the laser upgrade and he better cover me with some extra firepower with it too.

User Info: timmyle8

7 years ago#10
I HAVE FOUND A WAY AROUND THE GLITCH WITH OLD LADY GIBSON!!!!!! If you made the mistake of talking to her about HELIOS before you recruited ED-E and the dialogue wont come up, you can instead travel to FORT MCCARREN. In the AIRPORT building to the south (inside McCarren walls), the rooms with the lab equipment on the ground floor on the south east corner, you'll find a man named THOMAS HILDERN and he will talk about HELIOS as well. From there you should be able to progress with the quest in the same way as if you talked to the Old Lady. Worked for me!
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