do i really need science?

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  3. do i really need science?

User Info: silverfaustx

6 years ago#1
am i going to miss something great, if i dont raise that skill at all ?

User Info: BootyTapping

6 years ago#2
not much.. i got it to 50 ish and it has worked me very well
i find speech is the most common check
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User Info: mmSNAKE

6 years ago#3
Besides hacking terminals its used to convert, recycle and make better ammo for energy weapons. As well as occasional speech check and repair options
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User Info: CatToy

6 years ago#4
Pretty much any terminal you'll need to hack you'll miss.

That SHOULDN'T stop you from completing quests, but it may make them harder.
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User Info: burn_ur_toast

6 years ago#5
Funny emails... some loot options and speech options. However most doors or safes that require science to open can be opened with lock picking. If you don't take either you will miss out on a lot of loot.

User Info: silverfaustx

6 years ago#6
hm im putting most points in science and guns, would been better if i picked energy ?

User Info: magemaximus

6 years ago#7
eh you will need it for like two quests. the sexbot quest and the midnight break-ins quest. but the alternative to the sexbot quest is lockpicking skill and for midnight break-ins, it is explosives. I think you need at least 35 or 40 science for the midnight quest and 40 or 50 science for the sexbot one.
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User Info: silverfaustx

6 years ago#8
il keep my science at 50 then, or make a new build


User Info: lionheart5656

6 years ago#9
you won't miss any with unlock and activate.
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User Info: silverfaustx

6 years ago#10
but thats cheatin ;)
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  3. do i really need science?

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