Swift learner perk?

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User Info: Mak_Almighty

6 years ago#1
I was curious if the exp added by the swift learner perk shows up, say I gain 25 exp unaltered, would it still show 25 with the perk?

User Info: opfer_gv

6 years ago#2
Nope. If you get 10 EXP, SL perk (rank 1) will show it as 11.
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User Info: Mak_Almighty

6 years ago#3
Alright, thanks

User Info: Xephon

6 years ago#4
I never understood why someone would take a global experience boost over any other perk. You'll get the experience one way or another, but other perks offer things that you cannot ever get otherwise.
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User Info: RushUnplugged

6 years ago#5
Please don't take it. Seriously. And don't even think about getting Here and Now.

User Info: Cutlass_Jack

6 years ago#6
Definately skip Swift Learner and/or Here and Now.

You will get far more experience than you need to hit max level. And once you hit 30 those perks do nothing for you.

Nearly any other perks are better choices than those two.

User Info: kyntrel

6 years ago#7
i was very surprised to see those two perks still in fallout. guess they just kept them in to make the perk list seem to have more variety.

User Info: ProzacIsBack

6 years ago#8
I've made and played 4 characters. None of them have hit level 30.

People advising against exp-boosted perks are rather foolish in their assumptions they're onto some stark flaw, while missing the obvious fact that they're fantastic if you don't plan on playing for extensive periods of time after hitting cap level.

The dev team left them in there because the're useful. Here and Now is particularly fab for meeting skill checks sooner, time wise, when you don't need help killing that cazador or what have you.
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User Info: Agamemnon485bc

6 years ago#9
People suggest to level more slowly because once you max out Guns and Sneak you can pretty much win against anything at any level with the correct weapon.
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User Info: aurick79

6 years ago#10
Many people say not to take the perk, saying you'll earn that experience anyways, are playing combat oriented characters.

If you are playing a pacifist build with a focus on sneaking around and not fighting, you won't earn that experience.

In my Pacifist build Swift Learner has become integral to me actually gaining levels (and with levels equals skill points which means I'll be able to make the skill checks). Also with a Pacifist build you really don't need any of the other perks - since you aren't fighting.

So, if you're playing a combat heavy character, and are planning on exploring the whole wastes - it's not useful because you will get the levels. If you are doing a speed play through and/or trying to avoid as much combat as possible, it's actually very useful in helping make up that xp you're missing from not killing things.
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