How to be able to control the securitrons in New Vegas? [MASSIVE SPOILERS!]

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  3. How to be able to control the securitrons in New Vegas? [MASSIVE SPOILERS!]

User Info: noob_stomp_you

7 years ago#1

So yea, this is my first run-through of the game and I love this game so far! I am quite close to the end.

Anyways, Yes Man notified me that I have the option to take over the New Vegas strip, and that is what I plan to do ( If I can!!!). I killed Benny and I obviously want to kill Mr. House, but he knows already that I have the chip. So, I mean, if I go straight for his chamber and kill him, do all his bots deactivate and go under my control?

I know if I give him the chip he will upgrade his bots. So I mean is it possible for me to upgrade the bots AFTER mr house gets killed? Or if it is even possible to control his bots.

Right now I am vilified with the legion and idolized by the NCR.

TL;DR - is it possible and how do you get control of the new vegas strip/ bots? Is it possible to upgrade the securitrons after you kill house?


User Info: x_LeBroN_x

7 years ago#2
If you take over Vegas, Yes Man will automatically update the bots to MK.2 instead of Mr.House
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User Info: noob_stomp_you

7 years ago#3
ok. So I assume if I keep on following yes man's quests I should take over the strip right?

and will the securitrons still be hostile after I kill house? Heck I would go ahead and kill house now but im about to go to bed right now.

thanks a bunch!!

User Info: SKA_

7 years ago#4
if you do ALL the yes man quests you will have mk2 securitrons, including the optional one under the fort.

the securitrons are only hostile between the time it takes to access the computer to open the wall panel and getting to the elevator to where house is, and they will not attack you if you sneak with a stealth boy. once you go back to the penthouse they will all be neutral again
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User Info: noob_stomp_you

7 years ago#5
excellent.... thank you!!

this game has so many options heh I normally never do a second play through with a game... BUT....

I would like to side with Caesar my next play through and do very hard/ hardcore too! And then create two saves I guess!!!!! One siding with Benny and the other siding with mr house!

and lets not forget to mention all the various mods made for this game. For my second playthrough I am totally installing as many mods as I find interesting!

definitely an excellent game.

User Info: Strawberry_Jum

7 years ago#6
You get quite a wide window to kill House and still get control. I gave him the chip at first, then when I realised his plan I double-crossed him and killed him. As said before, the only time the bots are hostile is between opening the first panel until the second panel, and even then it's only two IIRC.
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User Info: SalOmega

7 years ago#7
Also, please note that on the right side of the chamber with the elevator to the control room in it there is another small computer that lets you do a Security override, it makes all the Securitrons return to neutral status immediately.^_^
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User Info: Aliyen

7 years ago#8
I worked with Yes Man, while telling Mr. House I'd help him. Once I was in the facility located under the Legion HQ (I was Accepted by them, and had told Caesar I'd blow the place up), I told Mr. House off. Doing that will immediately make you hostile, but with a high Science skill you can disable all the turrets and bots there.

Lucky 38 bots were all instantly hostile once I returned.
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