Magos' Bunker ????

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User Info: KERRY49

6 years ago#1
I found Magos' Bunker and it requires a key to enter. I did a search on Wiki and this board and found no references. Anyone know anything about this place? I used the console command to get in, and appears to be a cannibal lair. I have added mods to the game, but as far as I know , none included this. Thanks.

User Info: graffffffffik

6 years ago#2
There is no 'Mago's Bunker' In fallout New Vegas 'Vanilla' Game that I can determine

(I even verified this in G.E.C.K.
You are most probably using a user defined mod A suggestion may be 'Vegas Bounties' though I do not have this installed, however it can be thousands of mods
Are you sure you have name correct?
In fact I do not see any interior M________ Bunker at all

User Info: FlyinBrian

6 years ago#3
i believe that's a New Vegas Bounties location, it's unlocked when you go after that particular bounty

great mod, adds lots of fun fights and good rewards in caps and gear
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User Info: Thrawn810

6 years ago#4
Correct. It is in fact, a cannibal lair from the "Bounties" mod. He's an @$$hole. Tried to eat me.
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