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User Info: J180864B

6 years ago#1

I wanted to add extra Sierra Madre Chips (xx013b3c), how does one enter the code. ???

Thank you.

Kind Regards


User Info: Bumble_

6 years ago#2
Well, just open console and type player.additem xx013b3c 50 (50 being the quantity of chips, uh). Where xx is defined by your load order. Assuming you don't have many other mods, it's probably between 01-08 or something. More official content usually, should be placed among first ones to be loaded anyways.

Fallout wiki seems to say, that Sierra Madre chip is xx011236 though. Maybe that's your problem :)?

User Info: Jebus117

6 years ago#3
Player.additem xx013b3c [quantity you want]

The xx depends on what order the DLC is loaded. If it is loaded second (after FalloutNV.esm) the digits will be 01. If it's loaded 3rd it'll be 02. Then 03, 04, etc. (keep in mind that after 09 it goes from 0A to 0F, then to 10). If you're using Fallout Mod Manager you can view and change load order. If you're not using mods it should be pretty early the the load order, so you can just keep trying different digits until it works to figure it out.

Example: DeadMoney.esm is loaded 5th and I want 50000 Chips.

Player.additem 04013B3C 50000
XBL GT: Atticus

User Info: J180864B

6 years ago#4

Thank you all for answering my question.:)

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