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User Info: nononono8

6 years ago#11
Just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that steam says I've played 35 hours so far and not a single ctd (I could have sworn I've played more than that...but meh).

Max settings as high as everything can go, and everything enabled if possible, except AA (nvidia card, so I get black/white boxes if I use AA in this game....).

User Info: the_tyrant14

6 years ago#12
Well... What are you doing here when the Mojave Wasteland is at your fingertips?! We know the game works for other people =p
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User Info: ResidentEvilWeb

6 years ago#13
My game froze when following Sunny to fight some Gecko's. Then I had two ctd when i targeted gecko's in vats.

User Info: steker16

6 years ago#14
this deserves its own thread in my opinion but since someone modded me for the thread i made the other day im now set to warned and cant make one.

the DLL fix for nvidia users works for like 98% of people, i was one of the 2% that it didnt work for, HOWEVER there has been another discovery with it which allowed it to work for me and some of the other people who were having issues.

the DLL will crash you game if you have xfire running, i dont know how or why its related, but i read that on new vegas nexus forums and figured i would give it a shot since i tried everything else, and sure enough the second i shut down xfire the DLL no longer crashes my game once installed and the gameplay was almost perfect, no more massive FPS drops just because some NPC's showed up

User Info: Redcount

6 years ago#15
I'm had two CTD and one freeze causing me to have to restart my computer entirely. But considering I've put 21 hours into it, that's not bad. I get the freezing with other games, anyways, I think because my monitor "forgets" what imput cables I'm using and cycles through them.
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User Info: FaceToTheFloor

6 years ago#16
I not only had a game crash in Primm, but my PC blue screened and completely crashed.

Fortunately after a couple shutdowns it let me get back to Windows. But, there's no chance I'm touching this game again until they get a real patch put out there.
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User Info: taz_8806

6 years ago#17
Only had one so far, at about 5 hours into the game. Now, I'm at least 9.
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