How do you modify weapons??

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  3. How do you modify weapons??

User Info: Pasky13

7 years ago#1
I haven't play FO3 in a while and forgot how to add things like silencers and the clip add-ons to weapons.
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User Info: iUncontested

7 years ago#2
you find parts and click 'x' while you have the weapon selected and it will show you any compatible mods... it really sucks because i've been playing non stop since i got the game and have seen maybe 12-15 mods for tons of guns ive found, and 99% of the time the mod you find will be something dumb you don't want.

Hopefully mods get increased drop rate in patches or something because as such a highly touted feature of the game it is EXTREMELY lacking right now.

User Info: pkay45

7 years ago#3
Uhm, dude there wasnt weapon mods in FO3. So no wonder you forgot, there wasnt anything to remember.
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  3. How do you modify weapons??

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