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Can't progress further? "come fly with me" save bug

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  3. Can't progress further? "come fly with me" save bug

User Info: Kdarkiee

7 years ago#1

So i'm at the point where if i enter the Rocket facility @ "Come Fly with me" all my save games after that point is bugged, And Manny Vargas wont talk to me unless i clear out the lame ghouls.

What am i supposed to do? Wait for a fix? Or can i go straight to Boulder city?

User Info: steker16

7 years ago#2
do you know for sure they are bugged? the way you described it makes it sound like you are just assuming that once you go in there it will bug out..i did that entire quest chain a day or two ago with no save file issues.

either way its only a side quests, it wont hurt to just go on to boulder city, the only thing you miss out on really besides the quests and some XP is the achievement for completing it

User Info: knightabyss911

7 years ago#3
i think you can just go straight to boulder city, but there is a fix i saw on here a while ago (can't remember who posted it) that worked for me when i had the same problem: delete (or cut out if you're paranoid like me) both the falloutnv.exe and the falloutnvlauncher.exe, go to steam and have it "verify the game cache" by right clicking on fallout nv in steam.

i'm not sure if it's a proven fix or if it'll even work this time, but it did work in at least two cases.i don't really get how, but i'm not complaining. good luck.
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User Info: Iceaxe0140

7 years ago#4
You could try going into his room and reading his terminal. I got the next objectives for "They Went That-a-Way." I haven't gotten much further yet. I'm considering skipping "Come Fly With Me" until they have all the bugs/glitches fixed for that quest. Too risky considering the reports that it can corrupt your save data including previous ones.

User Info: Iceaxe0140

7 years ago#5
^referring to Manny Vargas' terminal in his room. It gives you the information you need to proceed to the next objective: "Intercept the Great Khans and Boulder City."

User Info: sunghyun26

7 years ago#6

Don't wait for a fix, just skip it.. I'm telling you this game has all sorts of bugs that'll never get fixed. Do you know the mission in Freeside where you have to stand and guard the door of a Laser Gun Shop? Well all the NPCS suddenly stopped coming and when I just run off, the guards will shoot at will telling me you're running off with my gear!

User Info: Kdarkiee

7 years ago#7

Well yeah, i tried going into the cave, save, load, and it bugged.

I even tried completing the quest, going to boulder city and do **** of **** so i could "bypass" the bug, but it didn't work.

But the tip @ Manny's terminal worked, i'm just going to skip going into the stupid cave for now, thanks :)

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  3. Can't progress further? "come fly with me" save bug

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