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User Info: Zmapper33

6 years ago#1
Just got this for PC (well just got a new PC as well), I was previously console gamer for the last few years. Are there any good mods out yet? Or any good extra content made by modders? Also how do I run and install a mod?

User Info: Silent_Killa78

6 years ago#2
Go to Fallout New Vegas Nexus, there is a lot of mods there. I recommend just getting some of the top 100 or the "Hot Files" section. To install a mod, you just have to go to your Data folder (C:Program Files,Steam,Steamapps,Common/your username, Fallout New Vegas, Data) and put the files from the mod into that folder. Move the .esp or .esm file into it and also move any textures/meshes/sounds. If you still have trouble, read the mod readme's or google help. One last thing, get Fallout Mod Manager ( to arrange your load order so everything works and NVSE ( I think that should cover everything apart from what mods to get. Ask if you need more help.
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User Info: EricksHinumaru

6 years ago#3
"Are there any good mods out yet?"

Ohhhhh yeah. The question is, what's your poison appeal?

If you're looking for a nice view, there's tons of weather and lighting effects, such as Fellout, Nevada Skies, and Empirical Weather.

Or if you're looking for some nice items, there's a slew of weapon reskins, as well as unique weapons as well. Too many to name, really.

And if your fancy is for the more... ah-hem, mature side, there's quite a few mods for that. Just look around, and you'll most likely find it.

There's even a dancing mod.

User Info: Zmapper33

6 years ago#4
Are there any total conversions or mods that actually add content? New quests/dungeons. Those are the types of things I want most. Then maybe some new items stuff, the graphic change stuff is not necessary.

User Info: gaara999999

6 years ago#5
How to install and run mods: Notice, this is for most of the mods. There are always exceptions, but usually you can just read the readme how to install the mod. Anyways, the sites I use to download mods are New Vegas Nexus ( , You need an account to download mods that are over 2mb in size) and Bethesda's forums ( ). When you get the mod you want, look what type of the file is.

1. If it's .RAR/.ZIP/.7Z or something similar to that, go to step 2. If it's .ESM or .ESP file, go to Step 3. If it's a .EXE file, just run it.

2. Use WinRAR/WinZIP/insertprogramhere to extract the files out. Most of the time, if it's in a .RAR etc, there are multiple files.

3. Locate your New Vegas data folder, for example c:\games\Steam\...\Fallout New Vegas\Data and copy the .ESP/.ESM files there. If you have 'Meshes' or 'Textures' or any folders like that, copy them there as well (So that it's ...\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Textures etc.).

4. Use FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager) or use the gamelauncher to activate the mods, and then just start playing.

For good mods, it depends on what you are looking for. There are mods that make hardcore mode more hardcore, for example, and there are some mods which add weather to the game.
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User Info: Strawberry_Jum

6 years ago#6
You can actually use FOMM to do all the installing for you, straight out of the zip file (except updating archiveinvalidation if the mod requires it). Basically, use FOMM and add package, select the zip file, make a copy of the original file (it prompts you to do this), then activate the mod. If the mod uses archiveinvalidation, locate it and add the lines from the mod's readme.

Anyway, there are plenty of great mods out there, my favourite being Umpa's Dance Mod ( Plenty of armour/weapon reskins, and almost-essential face/hair mods.
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User Info: EricksHinumaru

6 years ago#7
If you're looking for quests, here's where you'd wanna wander:

This section of the New Vegas Nexus contains Quests and Adventures (ORLY? I couldn't tell by name) and is probably what you're looking for. I, personally, haven't looked through this section, so I couldn't tell you exactly any recommendations. So have fun and explore the content.

Also, yes, as Jum mentioned, you can do all the installing straight out of the FOMM. Very nifty tool. Even automatically puts them in load order if you like.

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