How can I speed up travel? Any vehicle mods yet?

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  3. How can I speed up travel? Any vehicle mods yet?

User Info: NightmareKind

6 years ago#1
Is there a vehicle in this game for that matter? Or at least a way of sprinting? I had the motorcycle mod for Fallout 3 and it was awesome. My favorite mod ever. I sure hope there will be something like that for this game. Even Fallout 2 had the car.

User Info: GuanedOnYou

6 years ago#2
Project Nevada has sprinting. Other than fast travel, someone put up pictures of a motorcycle mod today on the nexus, but idk if it's released yet.

User Info: graffffffffik

6 years ago#3
to speed up RUNNING
open console type

setgs fmoverunmult *

** = multiply the number of NORMAL by this

Note this makes EVERYONE in game who runs this fast


setgs fmovesneakmult *

increases the speed of sneaking again everyone in the game.
However it is rare npcs Sneak so this is better option, it will also increase followers sneak speed

suggestions most gfx cards number 2 to 2.5 Remember faster you go slower cells may load

1 is default do not go seriously overboard however you can run yourself right off the map or through walls to null space

User Info: Blkdrgn415

6 years ago#4
Here's the motorcycle mod, despite it being in the wrong section, it works:
Xbox Live Gamertag: Blkdrgn415

User Info: Itachi62

6 years ago#5
You could try getting the Travel Light perk for 10% extra movement speed when wearing light armour.

User Info: HymnToHim

6 years ago#6

User Info: NightmareKind

6 years ago#7
The hoverboard might be better for some people, but I prefer rolling down the highways on my hog. Even if the mod is still in its early stages, it appears to be quite functional. You can give your companions tokens and they ride their own motorcycle alongside you, mirroring your movements. I've got the invisible wall remover mod but I don't mind abandoning my vehicle for the challenge of a climb. You can always call it to you with the inventory item. You can also spruce up and make unique its appearance. I like the Wasteland Conqueror look the best. The movement is a little odd yet and the sounds needs a bit of work, but when this mod reaches a stage of maturity like its Fallout 3 counterpart, it's going to rule. It's great for someone like me who hates the slow walking speed but dislikes the fast travel function too. I generally scout new territories on foot, but it's great to have a vehicle for those long road trips. I want to thank you guys for helping me, and I will endorse this mod.
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  3. How can I speed up travel? Any vehicle mods yet?

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