Willow mod - question about quest

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User Info: spec0688

6 years ago#1
Where can I find Chester(teddy bear)? I tried asking around Novac but got no diffinitive responses and my quest log hasn't updated. Someone might have said something but I was playing late and couldn't remember where exactly.


User Info: spec0688

6 years ago#2
looking for some assistance, thanks!

User Info: Rievers

6 years ago#3
It should be on the corpses of the two guys that you are chasing if i remember correctly, I can give you a definitive answer when I get there sometime late tonight or tomorrow.

EDIT: Just thought about it, and the ghoul near the REPCONN test center may also have it, you might want to go down there with her. Also make sure you actually gave her the items and not just shoved it into her inventory, as per the quest they aren't the same thing.

But again, I will probably have a definitive answer by late tomorrow for you if this post, or someone else has not resolved the problem for you.

User Info: joefitts63

6 years ago#4
You need to follow the quest line out to the REPCON test site. When you get close to the building entrance, the quest will intrude itself on your awareness.
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User Info: sadewa

6 years ago#5
To get the teddy bear, go to Repcon Test Site, try to go inside or move around the building entrance, female ghoul with wig will approach you and trigger the quest. After that the ghoul you looking for located at the entrance where many super mutant guard it
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  3. Willow mod - question about quest

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