Angel Park Mod (New Vegas Nexus sucks)

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User Info: pkmnpkmn

6 years ago#21
Spitfirer posted...
Angel Park is amazing, especially as it actually puts all of that ammo collecting to use. It's also a real shame the Nexus accommodates for crybabies.

I know right? the alien hangar alone provides more challenge than all of vanilla falloutNV.
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User Info: pkmnpkmn

6 years ago#22
Well, turns out the creator was in the hospital for the past few weeks, and he says it and a monster mod update will be out within the week.
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User Info: igniz12000

6 years ago#23
Awesome news. Hopefully once I build up my rig and get it working I'll get back into FNV and try out this mod.......assuming they manage to come to some kind of agreement of how to get the mod unbanned if possible.

User Info: jonas66

6 years ago#24
"Put it under lockdown to prevent it from being downloaded and then give the owner at least a months grace period to get his side of the story regarding any allegations but not just remove it completely and then, too add insult to injury, ban the modder."

That appears to be exactly what has happened, and what typically does happen, from everything that I've seen.

"And sometimes, some modders use assets from mods that are no longer active and its almost impossible to get hold of the original modders to get their permission so that also opens up another can of worms. . . . Is it ok to use assets from them if all means to contact the original modders have been exhausted or must you get express permission from them before you can use their assets? "

It's been my experience that this is exactly how it works. I've put up a couple things that have pieces that belong to an old, retired, and inactive FO3 modder. I just asked around when I couldn't reach them, and were told that they weren't in anymore and to just make sure I gave proper credit when uploading the file. I've had one issue, unrelated to that, where some work that I did resembled greatly work from somebody else, because we did the same type of modification to a vanilla game mesh. The modmins asked, I answered, I got in touch with the other author, they cleared the air, it was all done, no problems, no harm, no foul.

Barring extraordinary circumstances (such as one author being unreachable in a hospital perhaps), if it gets to the point where the user has been banned or things have been pulled, there's probably been a real problem somewhere along the way past one person complaining. Granted, it's pretty clear that the one complaining in this case is pretty ridiculous, but on the other hand, it takes a Whole lot of work to learn how to mod even in the Geck, and many times more if you start making your own meshes and textures. Enough work, I'd say, to expect some common courtesy and professionalism from people if they want to use the stuff that you put time into. And I think that a good modding community needs some more respect to function than ending the thought-process at: "I want to use this mod right now and I can't, nexus sux!"
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User Info: Kroguys

6 years ago#25
Rievers posted...
I wouldn't really call the moderator over at New Vegas rude, so much as they don't want (and nobody really wants) threads filled up with people complaining because they can't download the mod. The fact that (at least in the public eye anyway) the Angel Park developer is being evasive doesn't really help his case much either.

There are always 2 ways to do things. One can be polite and civil or a jackass. That moderator is leaning towards the latter imo. I guess you have a higher tolerance for rudeness. But I would call his attitude close to being rude and unprofessional.

User Info: igniz12000

6 years ago#26
Well, I have a pretty large mod on Fallout 3 and I used alot of assets from inactive mods and I too went through the proper channels to get clarification on this issue but still I wont be surprised if it gets pulled one day due too stolen assets. Thing is if you ever encounter issues like this its their word against yours so usually it ends up in favor of the original content creator(and rightfully so).

Even if, like you said, seek advise on this matter it still dosent make it a rule no matter what evidence you have to back up your claims. Thats why for me Nexus should take the onus on coming up with some guidelines on modding so that the grey areas are addressed.

As for the lockdown thing, I wasnt sure if this is how it worked. I know of someone personally that got banned and their mod pulled without a chance to explain themselves. But then again, just going by the way the poster speaks I wont be surprised if they brought that on himself/herself >_> But I have come across other people who have had issues with Nexus but they usually dont go into detail.

2 sides to a coin, sometimes you have to take certain peoples stories with a grain of salt but it good to hear that Nexus at least waits to hear the other person's case before acting.

User Info: jonas66

6 years ago#27
I agree with all of that. I'm sure that it would be a case, if it came to that, where my mods would have to be taken down. (A little late, now, of course, lol). But it's Also been my experience that most of the mod creators (save some exceptions of course) care much, Much less that their fan-base when their mods get used. In general, I think most of them put them up to be used, and shared, and enjoyed, and it's only when they're being undercut by somebody else that they take offense (and I'd say rightly so).

I'm reasonably sure that the demeanor one has when the problem starts would definitely impact the reaction, as in most other cases, but who knows. I also agree with the previous poster that Myrmaad, the modmin in that file, was bordering on rudeness, but she always seems to be so maybe its her personality. Of course, being the modmin on a gaming sight is probably like being a debt collector: after you deal with hundreds of idiots, flamers, and trolls on a daily basis, that ultimately only represent a small fraction of the total, it probably influences your views on everybody else.

But really, the response by the one person, on the thread linked earlier, who was actually part of the Angel Park mod by their admission is one of those that probably helps not at all. I think having a calm and non-hostile demeanor when accused (as they Didn't do), is probably the best bet to not get in trouble. Being antagonistic or mocking when confronted with the possibility that you used a resource (even a small one) without permission is not likely to get your side viewed favorably.
How much of rational behavior is only rational when rationalized?

User Info: 1qaqa1

6 years ago#28
dogtown1 posted...
"Angel Park" and
"MoMod V10"
are on the way, please be patient as I put the shine on the last of a file or 2
but its cool that all this mess is behind me and now I can work on new material and move forward
(yeah baby)
couple days tops and I will be uploading the new files

almost there.
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