A complaint I never understood about the series (specifically NV/Fallout 3)

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User Info: xanthan1

4 years ago#21
red255 posted...
xanthan1 posted...

you mean like all of fallout 1 being you needed to find a water chip?

and all of fallout 2 you needed to find a GECK to handle the radiation for your tribe?

Except that one didn't involve radioactive water. That was the chip controlling the water filter for the vault failing. Learn to read. Learn to follow plots.

Also 2 was finding the GECK for a different reason then what you listed. One again, learn to follow plots. Your village has had a long drought, you need the GECK to help make your village a thriving community. Go play the game.

Tryscal The Great posted...
Wveth posted...
How hard DC got hit by the nukes shouldn't have anything to do with it. Nuclear radiation dissipates completely in the span of a few months. Even if a lot of it got somewhat trapped, almost all of it would be gone in a few years at most.

Then, yeah, you've got the ruins of one of the most advanced cities in the world, and two hundred years of time... and it still looks and feels like the bombs dropped yesterday. It was a nice setting, but incredibly lazy.

To be fair the entire series uses the 1950s interpretation of radiation in that it stays for years, and years, and years. All of the main series Fallout games have locations that are caked with radiation even years after the bombs hit, i.e. The Glow.

This is true. This also doesn't address radioactive water not being a problem in the OTHER games or at least a problem on any major scale. Hell if you need something like project purity to get water you can drink without slowly getting cancer, then how the hell did Vault City, New Reno, New Vegas, or any OTHER city ever grow without drinking water?

User Info: Sparda X

Sparda X
4 years ago#22
By the time you've left the vault in FO3 it's been two centuries since the bombs dropped. There's absolutely no reason for the Capital Wasteland to be in the state that it's in (both the unorganized savagery and its radioactivity) other than piss poor writing.
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User Info: Crimson Grog

Crimson Grog
4 years ago#23
I find FO3 easier to believe if I pretend it's shortly after the bombs fell, maybe 50 years later instead of 200 years.
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  3. A complaint I never understood about the series (specifically NV/Fallout 3)

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