Disturbing rumors of Fallout 7 (4 to most people)

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User Info: RFguerilla

4 years ago#1
I have been hearing a lot of stuff that I don't like, many of which entirely go against the canon that the great Interplay set. Three reasons already to not buy the game, this is why I don't like Bethesda.

-East Coast (Possible game-breaker for me)

-Removal of Brotherhood Of Steel (Major reason)

-Removal of super mutants (Major reason)

It's ridiculous how they remove the Brotherhood Of Steel and Super Mutants, BOTH of them have been in the series since 1997, every game of the series I can recall. And yet if rumors are true they decided to remove it. I might play it if its set in Boston, but if any of the things marked as major reasons are true I simply might not get it. Have to cross my fingers and hope its a rumor. Now to make this more than a complaint, what do you want in the seventh Fallout game?
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User Info: Samcitt

4 years ago#2
I am assuming they have been left out due to complaints that neither have any reason being on the East coast, or that storyline wise the BoS are not expanding much beyond CW and the East Coast Super Mutants are virtually extinct after the Wasteland discovered V87's secret.

I myself am indifferent to whats in it or whats not. However I would like to see FO3's Mothership Zeta to make an appearance or at least be referenced. Perhaps Harold's oasis in CW too.

User Info: xanthan1

4 years ago#3
Super Mutants aren't everywhere. Depending on WHERE it takes place not seeing any of them is entirely possible. Also not seeing the East Coast Brotherhood of Generic Fantasy Paladins? Hurray, we can continue to ignore them and how stupid 3 was.

Also the BoS isn't everywhere either. You seem hungup on them not including things that are perfectly reasonable to not be in a given area. Not every place has Bighorners and not every place will have Super Mutants.

Also they better declare Mothership Zeta noncanon, aliens didn't start the war damn it!

User Info: jonas66

4 years ago#4
I'd like to see a game set on the East Coast without the BOS or Super Mutants.


If it's in Boston I want to see Fenway Part, filled with Ghouls that snarl "Buuuckneerrrr!!" as they charge at you.
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User Info: Samcitt

4 years ago#5
xanthan1 posted...
Also they better declare Mothership Zeta noncanon, aliens didn't start the war damn it!

IIRC they never actually say the aliens launch the nukes, just that a recorded captive thought that they were after the codes (and did not give them to the aliens.) Besides, why launch a nuclear war using Earth missiles when you have a giant death ray? If they did do it then they weren't very good on the follow-up - they destroyed the entire population base they could have used for experiments and did conquer the Earth even though it was ripe for invasion.

They only need to maintain the ambiguity (or just make the small segment non-canon) and the central idea is maintained, no need to make it all non-canon.

User Info: RFguerilla

4 years ago#6
In that case they can make a similar group to replace BoS, if General Maxson had founded the West Coast Brotherhood of some other guy must have founded another post-war government/military remnant group. As for super mutants, they pushed east like wild fire with the death of the master. Although The Initiate and his squad did kill quite a bit of them, depending on how much FEV the government had and how far it was spread across the country, it's only a matter of time before the remnants of The Masters army once again find a vat of FEV to fuel their plans for converting humanity entirely.
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User Info: Samcitt

4 years ago#7
I don't think there would be any BoS-like factions out there, if there were they would be ideologically and culturally completely different. I would think most war survivors would end up similar to the "armed and dangerous" civilian factions or perhaps the Honest Hearts survivalist who eke out an existence like everyone else.

As for the Mutants- would they make it to the East Coast? The likelihood of them finding a large supply of FEV and a human population to use it on (as well as the desire to) seems very low.

User Info: red255

4 years ago#8
Regardless theres NEVER BEEN A FALLOUT without;

1.) BOS
2.) Super mutants.
Deathclaw, ghouls, robots etc.

Now there weren't a hell of alot of BoS/super mutants in Fallout 2 and its still a great fallout.

so you don't need a ...MASSIVE BoS/super mutant pressence to make it a fallout game.

I mean all Fallout 2 had was ONE brotherhood dude.

and really very little super mutant presence.

so it doesn't need to be the focus of the game.
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User Info: RFguerilla

4 years ago#9
Yeah, but it sounds like they might just erase them from the game to replace it with their own stuff. What Fallout 3 did was take a massive dump on the originals to make something they wanted to do, and now they are probably going to take that dump a bit harder this time.
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User Info: Kharillle

4 years ago#10
Hm... yeah, it would feel bad if they took out the brotherhood, but I figure they're popping up everywhere... Just like in zion they don't have deathclaws...

Who knows, maybe they'll have some really good features. I'm quite pleased with pretty much every fallout product that came out. Never played the console game but I enjoyed tactics and the others....
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