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User Info: tpeeple1

7 years ago#1

What medals have you guys gotten and what did you do to get them? How much CE did you earn (if you know)? I have receieved the marksman medal bronze and silver, and as I got these, I received some locked weapons unlocked.

User Info: 4g4run

7 years ago#2
Well, I only played the demo but I got Bronze and Silver medal for Marksman and two other bronze medals (one for Hospital something... for reviving) it unlocked F90 among other weapons.
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User Info: tpeeple1

7 years ago#3

I meant the demo, and I got a bronze hospital medal. Have you used all of the weapons? MY favorites are the SFCR LW, Famas, Thermal Scope, 416, p90, and the pistols. Do you know how to get the desert eagle? A lot of these weapons I have seen in combat arms and they have sort of different names. Like the 416 and the f90, in combat arms they are the M416, and p90.

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