Help with Evelyn's robbery

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User Info: OhLayla

7 years ago#1
I am so lost...

I've been all around the city, in and our of her apartment... I've got footprints to no where and been to the park. I just can't figure out this mission and feel rather stupid. Could someone walk me through it?!

User Info: BlankyXP

7 years ago#2
Mah leads for that case were:

1. Tracked footprints from inside Evelyn's house to a dumpster near train station. Finds Evelyn's dad's journal. New lead.
2. Derek unintentionally gives information about MorcuCorp after some questioning. New lead.
3. Evelyn's jewelery was buried in the Forest Park (talk to Poppy to be able to dig it up). The robbers didn't seem to need 'em. New lead.
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