Length and Difficulty

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User Info: StarmanDelux

6 years ago#1
I tried the demo last night and really enjoyed it, but I blasted through six levels in about ten minutes. I read in a review that the single player has 60 levels, which would shape up to roughly a couple hours, assuming the difficulty increases a little.

Question: Are the levels in the main game more difficult than those in the trial?--or does difficulty spike?
How long does it take an average person to go through the single player?

I'd of course like to enjoy the mp, but I see on this board that it's pretty dead, so I'm guessing that's not much of a draw anymore. For 10 bucks, I'd like to at least get four or five hours out of it.

User Info: Warpstar

6 years ago#2
The single player doesn't get too much more difficult, unless you play the optional challenges. So, no more than a few hours to beat it.

But really, Portal is no longer for $10, and Raskulls is just as funny PLUS it has multiplayer. Worth it, I'd say.
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